10.10.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

I want to start off by thanking all of our volunteers who have spent time helping our cause, whether it be speaking to Mainers at county fairs or with our phone bank effort, placing signs, spreading our message on social media or local conversations, and for your donations to keep our ads running online! It all helps and it all matters. Thank you.

Last week, we asked for your help to keep our digital ad going. An impressive 34 newsletter subscribers contributed, and because of their generous donations, we’re able to reach 75,000 more voters, so THANK YOU! Let’s keep this ad going! Only 23 days remain to reach voters with our message! Can you donate today to help keep our digital ad going for another week?

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Featured Ad of the Week

John Banks of the Penobscot Nation

This week, we’d like to share an ad by our partners at Mainers for Local Power featuring John Banks, Retired Director of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Nation. John will be voting YES on Question 1 because, “Maine’s environment is worth fighting for.” We agree with John. Please share this video to help spread the word that a YES vote protects Maine’s environment!

Featured Endorsement

Speaking of the environment, one group that is very serious about protecting it is the Sierra Club. Last week, Sierra Club Maine announced its endorsement of a YES vote on Question 1. We are so thankful for their support and for their efforts in the Federal appeal process.

Here’s what they had to say:


Polls show nearly three-quarters of Mainers also think the CMP project is a bad deal.

October 1, 2021 – Sierra Club Maine’s Executive Committee voted unanimously Tuesday, September 28, 2021, to endorse the “Yes on 1” campaign to stop the CMP corridor. Sierra Club Maine is one of the collaborating environmental groups currently suing the Army Corps of Engineers and the US Department of Energy.

As stated by Volunteer Leader Becky Bartovics, “Sierra Club Maine votes to urge our members and Maine Voters to Vote Yes on 1. We believe that this project is not good for Mainers, and is terrible for the environment.

The Executive Committee has been closely following the projections of destruction of the boreal forest in Canada and the resultant ecological damage to riverine systems that will result from furthering Mega Dam projects in North America. This results in the poisoning of water sources, and in addition to releases of methane, which over time can be considered equivalent to the environmental impact of coal fired power plants. This greenwashed energy source is not the answer to our climate crisis

The Executive Committee feels that becoming dependent on Canadian Crown-owned corporations to provide electric sources in the northeast United States will undercut the burgeoning renewable energy businesses that are growing here in Maine. Perhaps the most important reason why Sierra Club Maine is endorsing this referendum is that Hydro Quebec's dirty energy causes historical food source damage, public health issues, and dislocation effects on the First Nations people of Canada who have lived in the regions impacted by the Megadams for thousands of years.

More than two thirds of the world's rivers have been dammed to date. Canada plans sixteen more dams to provide power to the US. With all of this in mind, from respecting indigenous sovereignty to actual environmental impacts, the Executive Committee endorses a voting Yes on 1 to stop the CMP/Hydro Quebec transmission line. 

We are grateful to the Sierra Club for their continued support. This issue has brought so many different groups to the table over the years for different reasons. The one thing we all have in common is our deep love of the great state of Maine.

Did you know that early/absentee voting has begun?

Don’t wait until November 2 to vote!

Volunteer Ed Buzzell is voting YES on #1 early!

CMP/Hydro-Quebec are spending big

This week, the Quarter three spending reports became public. Folks, the results are jaw dropping. CMP/Hydro-Quebec have sunk a stunning $54 million into their propaganda campaign to fool Maine voters into voting against Question 1. They have shown that they will do anything, say anything, and stoop to any level necessary to protect their projected $15 billion in profits off of this greenwashed contract with Massachusetts.

Prior to this referendum, the most expensive referendum in Maine saw just shy of $10 million in spending. Mainers have never experienced anything like this before. These foreign-owned corporations are holding nothing back in their crusade against Maine voters after trying for years to cut out the people and their lawmakers from the process.

My question for them is simple - if the CMP Corridor was really a good project for Maine, why would they need to spend this much to convince you to support it? And more importantly, wouldn’t they be talking about the project now instead they’re spending millions to shift the narrative away from their deeply unpopular for-profit project?

CMP and their front groups are placing ads that are dishonest, distracting and as Bill Nemitz said, an insult to Mainers.

We are being outspent close to 4 to 1 but I'm confident that with our grassroots support we will defeat the Corridor this November. 

Featured Column of the Week

Firing the retro rockets

Featured Letter of the Week

Don’t allow CMP corridor to ruin our state

By Edwin Morris III of Benton

This is just a friendly common-sense reminder to all of you that claim to be true Maine people. If you truly care about this beautiful state you call home you will not allow Central Maine Power and the foreign company that owns them destroy it. You will vote yes on Question 1 this November if you care.

Why would any of us want to ruin and make a wasteland like the states to our south? Why would any of us want to provide power to Massachusetts and pay Canada for the rights to our land, then send profits to Spain? This makes no sense.

The misleading ads from CMP make no sense either. They are actually lies. No politician wants to halt jobs. No politician wants to risk a calamity of an infrastructure failure. So these jobs will continue. As far as the jobs that will be created, they will be very few and very short lived. The energy savings as we all know will be very short lived as well.

We can stop all this nonsense. Just vote yes on 1. 

Featured Interviews of the Week

1. Tom Saviello on WSKW

2. Adam Cote on WVOM

This week, and for the remainder of the campaign, we’re asking for your help with our volunteer phone banking program. This task can be done at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home. It is a very important way to help us get out the vote! Personally, I have pledged to make 250 calls to remind supporters that they can vote today, or any day their town office is open, between now and November 2. We know that the people of Maine are on our side, so let’s work together to make sure that as many supporters as possible turn out to vote.

If you’re interested in helping, or you’d like to learn more, please register now for our next volunteer phone bank training on Tuesday, 10/12  at 7:00 pm.

On Tuesday, October 19 at 5:30 pm, the Maine DEP will hold a public hearing to receive evidence on whether the license issued by DEP to CMP and NECEC for the corridor should be suspended in light of the recent Superior Court decision to vacate the lease.

WE NEED YOU ALL TO PARTICIPATE by either signing up to speak or submitting comments in advance.

I've posted on our website the testimony I submitted. Click here to view it.

For instructions on submitting testimony, check out our previous newsletter where we gave a detailed explanation on it! In short, if you wish to speak, you must register with Ruth Ann Burke at [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. on October 12, 2021. You can also submit written testimony to [email protected] and [email protected]. Individuals who do not register to speak in advance will be allowed to testify, time permitting.

I hope it is helpful to you in drafting your own either to submit before the meeting or share live on during the hearing. If we can answer any questions for you, please email us at [email protected].

Activists of the Week

The closing of the Fryeburg Fair today officially marks the end of the busy agricultural fair season. Thanks to our incredible volunteers, we were able to talk with Maine voters in our Vote Yes to Reject the CMP Corridor booth at 7 fairs and festivals across the state with 127 volunteer shifts! What an achievement! Thanks to all who set time aside to help make this effort such a huge success - we know it will have an impact at the polls.

That’s all for this week, friends. ONLY 23 more days until Election Day! Please stay strong in the face of the onslaught of negative advertisements and continue to tell everyone you know to vote YES on Question 1 to reject the CMP Corridor once and for all! We are so close now!

Donate here to support our ongoing social media campaign for Yes on 1 !

To donate securely online, click below. To donate by check, mail a check payable to No CMP Corridor to PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.