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Long after CMP sued their own customers to silence opposition on their unpopular for-profit corridor proposal, Hydro-Quebec and CMP continued to funnel money into their pro-corridor campaign. They did this because they know that the vast majority of Mainers, and legislative candidates, still know that this is a bad deal for Maine

Collectively, these two foreign companies have dumped an astounding $20.6 million into their effort to change our minds. Even though they have failed, they are just as determined as ever to cash in on this lucrative deal with Massachusetts, with or without the support of Mainers who will have to live with the fallout of this destructive project.

For Hydro-Quebec, a Crown corporation owned solely by a foreign government, NECEC would be their largest long-term contract for exported energy ever, and they stand to profit to about $10 BILLION dollars. That explains why Hydro-Quebec has exploited a loophole in Maine’s campaign finance laws to influence a foreign referendum campaign, even though such behavior is illegal on their side of the border.


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Mainers aren’t the only ones taking notice of their foreign interference. Check out what Austin Graham of the Campaign Legal Center in Washington D.C. said in article this week.

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In other news from our neighbors north of the border, five Indigenous communities have submitted their official opposition to CMP’s NECEC corridor project with the U.S. Department of Energy, the agency that will be responsible for the final major permit after the Army Corps of Engineers. In their testimony, Indigenous leaders claim that more than one-third of the hydroelectric power generated by Hydro-Quebec is in fact stolen from their ancestral territories without consent or compensation. They also call out Hydro-Quebec’s treatment of their people and their resources as “morally, legally and constitutionally indefensible.”

The bottom line is Hydro-Quebec’s treatment of the Indigenous communities of Quebec, and of Maine voters, is plain wrong. It’s clear that Mainers need to elect strong legislative candidates willing to hold these foreign corporations accountable, and close the loophole that allows foreign governments to abuse our referendum process.

In the meantime, let’s hold Hydro-Quebec and CMP accountable to the voters of Maine through a second referendum effort!

Local Support

Thank you to the candidates who endorsed our cause this week! Check out the full list by clicking here

Please sign up to help us collect signatures on Election Day by emailing [email protected]. If you’re unable to volunteer, but you would like to sign the petition, click HERE to find a polling location near you where our volunteers will be collecting signatures. Most of our collecting on Election Day will occur outside of the polls, so even if you’ve already voted absentee, stop by to sign our petition on November 3!

Activist of the Week

Eric Sherman of Greenville, a public school teacher and Registered Maine Guide, has been an integral part of our core effort to educate and advocate for preserving western Maine from large-scale industrial development. Eric serves on the team of our citizen intervenors at the LUPC proceedings, and has submitted numerous testimonies to various approval agencies and the Maine Legislative. Eric has led the charge by spreading the word about the corridor's negative impacts, both on social media and throughout his community, and while guiding tourists along the Kennebec River. 

In fact, because of Eric's advocacy, the Town of Greenville was the first town not along the proposed corridor route to have a formal vote to oppose CMP's destructive project. 

We are also thankful for the work Eric did to help collect signatures in the first round, for his tenacity to stay the course, and help us collect signatures for the new referendum on Election Day. Please join us also in celebrating Eric's contributions as he receives NRCM's 2020 People’s Choice Award, which will be presented on Thursday, October 22 from 6-7pm.

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