10/19/21 Press Release

CMP knowingly presents two unviable routes as alternates to skirt public land during DEP hearing

Company again proves to be unprepared and untrustworthy in dealings regarding their for-profit Corridor project

Today the DEP is holding a hearing to consider the suspension of the department permit for the CMP Corridor (NECEC) based on the one-mile gap in Title Right and Interest for the proposed route. During the hearing, Avangrid/NECEC's Thorn Dickinson presented two alternate routes to avoid public lands.The issue is that Thorn was notified in advance of the hearing that neither route is an option due to existing conservation easements by easement holders, yet he failed to disclose the letters until specifically asked about them during cross examination.
Below are the letters CMP did not want to discuss today that were received before today's hearing. Both clearly outline the fact that CMP cannot use the outlined routes for the NECEC project.
The Pierce Pond Watershed Trust letter states, "It is clear that a transmission line on or above these easement lands would be inconsistent with the purpose and terms of the conservation easement. Similarly, any development across the Trust's fee conservation lands would be inconsistent with PPWT's mission and land stewardship policies."
The Forest Society of Maine's email states: "By this e-mail, I am expressing FSM’s view, as easement holder, that a powerline would NOT be permitted on the easement lands as depicted in the Rebuttal Testimony. It is very clearly stated in MRCE, Section 2...We would be glad to review all this with you and your team and ask that you make the appropriate corrections to the NECEC rebuttal testimony."
"The fact that CMP again failed to do their homework and failed to disclose the issues raised by the easement holders to the DEP is completely unacceptable," said Tom Saviello, a volunteer with the Yes on Question 1 campaign. "CMP's continued lack of transparency and due diligence shouldn't be tolerated by the DEP or the voters of Maine."