10.24.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

We only have 9 more days to cast our votes for YES on 1!

As you continue talking to friends and neighbors about Question 1, and if you sense there is confusion on the issue due to CMP’s deceptive ads about enacting a retroactive law, please share this recent oped by District Attorney Maeghan Maloney. We also developed a handout for our volunteers to use to address CMP’s false retroactivity claims, which you can find here. If you know someone who needs clarification on this issue, please share it with them! 

In short, retroactivity is spelled out in Maine statute already, and over the last 20 years, the Legislature has passed 184 retroactive laws. Question 1 isn’t retroactive to give lawmakers the authority to create new “gotcha” laws to harm businesses (or make you remove your back deck) as CMP would have you believe. It’s retroactive to enforce existing law and the Maine Constitution, which a judge ruled a few months ago was violated when the Bureau of Parks and Lands worked with CMP’s attorneys behind closed doors to issue a lease to destroy YOUR public lands for profit without the required legislative input.

The real dangerous precedent would be to allow one branch of government to circumvent another to protect the interests of a foreign-owned corporation. Our laws matter, and no company, regardless of the size of their lobbyist team, should get away with operating outside of them.

Featured Column of the Week

Voting YES on Question 1 is the right thing to do

Maeghan Maloney, District Attorney for Kennebec and Somerset counties

This week, our partners at Mainers for Local Power launched a number of new ads, which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now, featuring some familiar faces from our grassroots team. Please share these ads on social media to help us reach more voters with these important messages.

Vote Yes on Question 1


CMP’s Corridor is a bad deal for Maine


There’s good reason not to believe CMP’s political ads


DEP Proceeding Update

This week, our citizen intervenors testified at the DEP Suspension hearing, and later that night, many of you joined me in providing testimony during the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s public hearing. During the morning portion of the proceeding, the Department heard from each side’s counsel and individuals/organizations who have been granted intervenor status. The evening portion of the proceeding was reserved for public testimony, and I’m so pleased to report that at least three-quarters of those who testified were in favor of suspending and/or revoking the Department’s permit until CMP regains title right and interest on the entire line to prevent unnecessary destruction for a line that currently doesn’t connect. As said in the BDN’s Daily Brief, absent a valid lease or an alternate route, there is no corridor.

Shockingly, during the morning session, NECEC’s Thorn Dickinson knowingly presented two unviable routes as alternatives to skirt public land, again proving that CMP is totally untrustworthy in dealings regarding their precious for-profit corridor. Both alternative routes would utilize private lands held in conservation easements that prohibit commercial uses like this, a fact that Thorn knew before the hearing, yet chose to ignore. Here’s our press release on the matter, if you’d like to learn more. The October 14 letter from the Pierce Pond Watershed Trust can be found here, and the October 15 email from the Forest Society of Maine can be found here.

Featured Story of the Week

Should permit for NECEC power line be revoked? Maine regulator hears arguments

If the public lot crossing is denied, NECEC has other options, according to Thorn Dickinson, its chief executive. Using maps, he and Gerry Mirabile, NECEC’s permitting director, summarized crossing routes west of Route 201 as well as east of the public lots. Either route also could be drilled underground, they indicated.

But both these alternative routes are in dispute.

Conservation groups that hold easements on adjacent land, the Forest Society of Maine and the Pierce Pond Watershed Trust, have issued statements saying the line wouldn’t be allowed to cross as depicted on NECEC maps.

Maine Ethics Commission Update

In October, CMP’s attorney Newell Augur filed yet another bogus complaint against me and our grassroots No CMP Corridor PAC and our Say No to NECEC non-profit organization. The Commission followed the recommendation of Executive Director Jonathan Wayne to dismiss the complaint. According to Mr. Wayne, CMP failed to "provide any convincing reason" to doubt the nonprofit, and attorney Newell Augur failed to meet "the burden of showing sufficient grounds" of wrongdoing. If you’d like to learn more, here’s coverage of the story by The Center Square. This is the second failed attempt of CMP trying to bully me, with no evidence, but we will move ahead and take the higher ground!

It's really sad that CMP has focused so many resources on efforts to try and intimidate our volunteer effort for daring to stand up for what we believe is right for the state of Maine. My message to CMP is simple - we won't be intimidated into submission, and we won't back down until the destructive CMP Corridor is stopped.

MOFGA Endorses Yes on 1!

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) endorses the Yes on 1 Campaign to stop the Central Maine Power (CMP) Corridor project, also known as the New England Clean Energy Connect, and urges members to vote Yes on 1.

We believe that this project will do irreparable harm to Maine’s environment, will not benefit Maine’s people or economy, and will detract from Maine’s essential Climate Action Plan. The Corridor would damage important wildlife habitat in 263 wetlands, crossing 200 rivers and streams in North America’s largest contiguous temperate forest.

This project is also illegal. CMP violated the Maine Constitution and state law by obtaining an illegal lease to cross public lands without a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. A State Superior Court Judge has terminated CMP’s lease which puts the corridor’s future in jeopardy.

The full endorsement can be found here.

Featured TV Interview of the Week

Opponents of Maine power corridor project intended to combat climate change cite environmental concerns 

Featured Webinar of the Week

NRCM: Vote Yes on Question 1 to Stop the CMP Corridor featuring Brownie Carson, Liz Caruso, Maulian Dana, Audrey Hufnagel and Jeff Reardon

Featured Radio Interviews of the Week

Elizabeth Caruso on WVOM

Ed Buzzell on WVOM

Featured Volunteer of the Week

This week we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the incredible contribution that Carol Howard has made to our efforts (thank you, mom!). Throughout the campaign, no matter what is needed, we can always count on Carol to get it done. From collecting the highest number of signatures in Cumberland County, to helping setup and perfect our booth for almost every single state fair we participated in. From driving to the far northern reaches of our state to collect petitions from town halls, to driving all around the Lakes Region to place signs - Carol is there, giving 100% and she always does it with a laugh and a smile. She's one of those incredible volunteers (and humans) who somehow knows what you need before you know and helps you get it done. THANK YOU, Carol! For your leadership, your dedication, willingness to help in any way you can, and the zip ties (fair setup joke)! We couldn't have done this without you.

Thank you, sign wavers!

  1. PHONE BANK CALLS - Please help us encourage identified YES voters to get out the vote by making at least five phone calls each day for the next nine days. Click here for more information.

  2. SIGN WAVE EVENTS - Please join us for a Monday evening sign wave in Bangor, Augusta or Portland from 4:30-5:30, or organize your own event! (These events are all BYO sign!) Click here for more information.

Thank you for your support!

This week, Sheryl and Larry Harth of Jackman, have graciously contributed a $500 donation match. If we can triple their contribution, we can reach 100,000 voters with our boosted digital ads during this last week before Mainers vote on the November 2nd ballot. The Harths have been with us the entire way - let's make this final push to raise more grassroots funds to help spread the word that a YES vote on Question 1 will finally Reject CMP's corridor!

To donate securely online, click below. To donate by check, mail a check payable to No CMP Corridor to PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

That’s all for this week, friends. Only NINE DAYS remain until Maine voters finally have the chance to vote on the fate of the CMP Corridor. This day has been years in the making, and it wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you, so thank you. Now let’s buckle down and make these next nine days count!