10/28/21 Press Release

ICYMI: Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Members Remain In Opposition to CMP Corridor

Maine's leading Second Amendment rights organization remains unconvinced of CMP's bogus "gun grabber" claims

The PPH editorial board also weighed in today with "Our View: Look out for lies in Vote No mailer"

ONLINE - The Sportsman's Alliance of Maine's Institute for Legislative Action today released a statement online outlining the organization's continued opposition to the CMP Corridor. The statement also disspells propaganda targeting conservative voters and firearm owners regarding Question 1's impact on Second Amendment rights. The full statement is included below, and can be found here on Facebook.

Several SAM members have inquired about the SAM ILA position on the November referendum Question 1, CMP corridor. This is a relatively easy question to answer as we always try to reflect the position of our members -SAM members are strongly opposed to the new corridor.

Although our members are clearly opposed to the corridor, Question 1 is complicated as it retroactively repeals CMP’s corridor and our members are divided on this piece of the question. We believe this portion of the question, if the yes side prevails, will likely be finalized in court. This however, does not impact how our members feel, so we remain opposed to the corridor.

Last year, we polled our members to determine their position on the proposed CMP Corridor. The results were clear, by a margin of 4-1, SAM members opposed the corridor. We asked again on the SAM annual survey earlier this month and the opposition remains strong.

Unlike other groups, we will not attack CMP. Employees of CMP are our neighbors, friends and family members. They are sportsmen and women and CMP has strongly supported our organization for decades, particularly in developing youth programs and our new youth education center.

In the matter of question 1, we will respectfully disagree with some things being said on both sides of the issue.

On the matter of retroactive laws, a mailer went out recently from the “No on 1” campaign that connected the passage of question 1 to a possible attempt in the future to retroactively regulate the 2nd amendment, (firearm rights). We do not have any concerns that the CMP corridor results on election day will impact the 2nd amendment.