10/30/20 Press Release


Oct. 30, 2020


Volunteers Launch Ballot Signature Drive To Stop the CMP Corridor


AUGUSTA – A new statewide effort to stop Central Maine Power’s 145-mile transmission line through Maine began today in Augusta.

This new referendum includes a three part question that would restore the voice of the people by:

  1. Requiring legislative approval for any high impact electrical transmission line that is more than 50 miles (Retroactive to 9/16/2020)

  2. Putting a geographic prohibition on building high impact electrical transmission lines in the Upper Kennebec region (Retroactive to 9/16/2020)

  3. Reaffirming the Maine Constitution’s requirement that the Legislature approves leases, like CMP's, that cross public lands if they significantly alter the use of those lands. (retroactive to 9/16/2014)

Former State Senator and State Representative Tom Saviello filed paperwork in September to begin a new statewide initiative campaign. Today, the Maine Secretary of State provided the paperwork necessary for signature collection to begin.

“As I’ve said from the very beginning, this transmission project is a bad deal for Maine and for Maine people,” Saviello said. “With a decision this important, Mainers deserve to be heard, but so far during the permitting process, their overwhelming opposition to this project has fallen on deaf ears. Despite lawsuits, sketchy tactics by CMP and scores of political and legal challenges, today we are taking this fight back to the people. We refuse to be silenced by CMP or their army of lobbyists and lawyers.”

To qualify for the ballot, the campaign must collect 63,067 valid signatures.

“Our grassroots volunteers are more energized than ever, and they are ready to once again go toe-to-toe with these two foreign corporations,” said Sandi Howard, leader of the No CMP Corridor PAC. “We have volunteers scheduled to collect signatures at more than 100 poll locations on Election Day. Our grassroots army will not stand idly by while CMP and Hydro-Quebec exploit Maine’s natural resources and rural economies for profit. This transmission line would cut through the heart of our state, and it would forever change the culture and character of the undeveloped northern Maine woods. Voters deserve to have a voice on the largest infrastructure project proposed to blaze through Maine since the Turnpike.”

List of locations where signature collection will occur is available here.

For more information, contact: Tom Saviello at 207-240-5496 or Sandi Howard at 603-475-4566.