10.31.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

Happy Halloween! I’m writing today to remind you to VOTE YES on 1, and to not be scared by CMP’s campaign tactics.

In just two short days, Maine voters (who haven’t already cast a ballot) will head to the polls to cast their votes. No matter the outcome, this is a major accomplishment that never would have come to fruition without the hard work and dedication of literally hundreds of Mainers who collected signatures from nearly every town in Maine last winter during the height of a pandemic. 

CMP spent more than we’ll ever know greasing the skids behind closed doors with unelected bureaucrats to push this unpopular and destructive project through. Every single step of the way, the will of Mainers, both local to the route and beyond, was ignored as multiple administrations pushed this for-profit corridor forward without the required environmental studies, and without the legislative input required by Article 9, Section 23 of the Maine Constitution for the use of public land.

Now, everyone with a television set, computer, radio or mailbox is intimately familiar with just how desperate CMP has become with messaging, and just how low they’ll stoop to realize the profits this corridor would secure for shareholders in Spain. Fortunately, the lies have gotten so big and outlandish, that an editorial board that sided with CMP also published an editorial highlighting the company’s outright lies and shady practices. 

Mainers should be absolutely outraged by the onslaught of propaganda, and more motivated than ever to vote YES on Question 1 to ban CMP’s corridor. CMP isn’t acting in good faith, and they’ve set a bar so low that hopefully it motivates even more voters to cast a YES vote. 

Every single vote will count in this slower off-year election, so PLEASE, make a plan to get yourself (AND your friends and family) to the polls on Election Day if you haven’t already voted. This is the chance we’ve all worked toward for years so Mainers can have a say on the fate of CMP’s destructive corridor.

Click here for polling locations and hours for Tuesday, November 2

Featured Editorial of the Week

Look out for lies in Vote No mailer

There is nothing that can be said about the gun-grabbing warning other than it is just not true.

The people at Mainers for Fair Laws must know this, but they say it anyway. That’s not a “slippery slope,” it’s a lie.

Getting caught lying to voters is usually considered bad politics. The vote “no” campaign should hope that people won’t hold this group’s misleading message against their side when the votes are counted next week.

Featured Podcast of the Week

NRCM: CMP's Top 10 Scare Tactics and Dirty Tricks about Question 1

Featured Statement of the Week

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s Institute for Legislative Action echoed the same sentiment this week in a statement released online that reiterated its member’s strong opposition to the CMP Corridor. On CMP’s “gun grabber” claim, SAM-ILA (Maine’s largest and most trusted Second Amendment rights organization) said:

“On the matter of retroactive laws, a mailer went out recently from the “No on 1” campaign that connected the passage of question 1 to a possible attempt in the future to retroactively regulate the 2nd amendment, (firearm rights). We do not have any concerns that the CMP corridor results on election day will impact the 2nd amendment.

That was basically their polite way of saying “Liar liars, pants on fire!”

But, we don’t have to take the PPH’s editorial board or SAM-ILA’s word for it. CMP’s own spokesperson admitted that this narrative is false. This week, Maine Public reported:

In a written statement, Chris Glynn, a spokesman for CMP's Clean Energy Matters campaign committee, acknowledged that Question 1 does not give lawmakers additional power to pass retroactive laws, nor does it directly impact health care or guns.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about had it with the constant stream of lies CMP/Avangrid/Hydro-Quebec have now funded to the tune of $72.6 MILLION.

A majority of Mainers truly detest the CMP corridor and since the campaign waged by the “No” camp is so dishonest, we HAVE to win. The stakes are that much higher because, while this may be the way Iberdrola or Hydro-Quebec conduct business in their own respective countries, this is not the way things are done in Maine.

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Featured FB Post of the Week

Susannah Warner

Guys! I just had an interview with a reporter from WABI (airs Wednesday). She wanted a voice that was not connected to politics or business. I talked about the men in the white trucks from Wisconsin, Kansas, and Louisiana that we chatted with who were most definitely not Mainers. I talked about the ATV trail and snowmobile trail we were promised. I talked about the parking lot for Mosquito Mtn we were promised that actually was created but now has huge boulders in front of it. I talked about the mess that is Coburn and the Spencer road. And then I literally started to tear up. I ended by saying that regardless of your beliefs, or not, this verse from the Bible is common sense, and sums it up for me.

Luke 16:10

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

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Featured News Story of the Week

Voting yes on Maine’s ballot Question 1

Featured Activist of the Week

This week, please join me in thanking our longtime friend and fellow grassroots activist, Liz Caruso of Caratunk. As you all know, Liz has been with us since the very beginning, serving both as a volunteer, and as a volunteer coordinator throughout both referendum efforts. Liz has been an outspoken advocate against the CMP Corridor for years, providing testimony before the legislature and various regulatory agencies, serving as an intervenor and most recently, touring the state as a volunteer spokesperson for the Yes on 1 campaign. Liz has traveled all over the state to speak to various groups and organizations, traveling sometimes more than three hours from her home. She is truly dedicated, and in these last few weeks of the campaign, she’s gone far above and beyond. Thank you, Liz. We are so fortunate to have you on our side, fighting for the people of this great state.

Okay friends, this is it. Only TWO more days remain until the vote. We need to make it count!

We need you to help us reach as many voters as possible! CMP has spent tens of millions of dollars to confuse voters, and spread misinformation about Question 1, so we all need to speak with as many voters as possible between now and 8 pm on Tuesday. I can’t emphasize this enough, off-year elections are difficult to predict, and voter turnout is expected to be low. This could be close, but we can make a real difference if we work together!

  1. WORD OF MOUTH - Reach out to friends and family to answer questions, encourage a YES vote, and help people find their polling location (info here).
  2. PHONE BANK - Help us call identified supporters to remind them to vote and answer any last-minute questions. Email Joel at [email protected] to get involved.
  3. JOIN OUR SOCIAL MEDIA THUNDERCLAP - Post the following graphic with the following text on Election Day - Tuesday, 11/1 at 8:00 am - on Facebook. If we all post it at the same time, we'll blast our social media friends and family with our message like a thunderclap!

"It's Election Day - time to vote YES on 1 to REJECT CMP's corridor once and for all! It is a bad deal for Maine and we deserve better. Find out more at voteyestorejectcmpcorridor.com/get_the_facts

#stoptrustingcmp #mepolitics #TeamMaine #DumpCMP #TakeItBack #VoteYesOn1"

That’s all for now, friends. Thank you all so much for your support. Now, let’s finally VOTE YES ON QUESTION 1 TO STOP THE CMP CORRIDOR!