11/10/20 Press Release

ICYMI: Hydro-Quebec Increases Level of Foreign Interference Ahead of Second Referendum Effort

During our first referendum effort to stop CMP's unpopular corridor project that would deliver hydropower power to Massachusetts through the undeveloped western Maine forest, Hydro-Quebec, a Crown Corporation owned by the Province of Quebec, exploited a loophole in Maine law to funnel more than $8 million into a PAC to sway Maine voters. As reported this week by ForeignLobby.com, they plan to increase their spending considerably in light of our second referendum effort. 

Foreign interference is strictly prohibited in Maine for candidate elections, but our law currently draws a blind eye to referendum efforts. Should this effort happen in Quebec, this sort of foreign interference would be illegal.

"Hydro-Quebec, a company owned solely by a foreign government, stands to make $12.4 billion off of CMP's unpopular corridor project that would deliver hydro-power to the ratepayers of Massachusetts," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor.

"That's why they're willing to spend whatever it takes to force this unpopular and destructive project on the people of Maine. But if the project were even half as good as they claim, Hydro-Quebec's previous spending, coupled with CMP's $10.6 million campaign, should have been more than enough to win over the hearts and minds of Mainers. Fortunately, we know that CMP and Hydro-Quebec can't be trusted, and that this remains a terrible deal for Maine. Hydro-Quebec is right to be scared of our referendum effort, because once the people finally have a say, this for-profit project will be stopped."

Also, to hear more about why this project is NOT the done deal CMP would have you to believe it is, listen to my recent WVOM interview here.