11.15 Newsletter

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During our first referendum effort to stop CMP's unpopular corridor project, Hydro-Quebec, a Crown Corporation owned by the Province of Quebec, exploited a loophole in Maine law to funnel more than $8 million into a PAC to sway Maine voters. As reported this week by ForeignLobby.com, HQ plans to increase their spending considerably in light of our second referendum effort. 

Foreign interference is strictly prohibited in Maine for candidate elections, but state law currently draws a blind eye to referendum efforts. Should this effort happen in Quebec, this sort of foreign interference would be illegal.

Hydro-Quebec stands to make $12.4 billion off of CMP's unpopular corridor project, which is why they're willing to spend whatever it takes to force this unpopular and destructive project on the people of Maine. But if the project were even half as good as they claim, Hydro-Quebec's previous spending, coupled with CMP's $10.6 million campaign, should have been more than enough to win over the hearts and minds of Mainers.

We know that CMP and Hydro-Quebec can't be trusted, and that this remains a terrible deal for Maine. Hydro-Quebec is right to be scared of our referendum effort, because once the people of Maine finally have a say, this for-profit project will be stopped.


In fact, there are still many ways we can stop this project, including:

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This week, the AMC, NRCM and Sierra Club joined together to file an injunction to stop CMP’s plans to prematurely begin construction of the NECEC corridor. Our grassroots team at No CMP Corridor is glad Maine’s environmental community is once again stepping up to fight back against CMP and Hydro-Quebec. CMP’s threat to begin corridor construction before all permits have been secured clearly shows the company’s ongoing callous disregard for what so many of us have clearly expressed: Mainers do not want this project. 

We strongly support this effort to halt this unmitigated disaster of a project which is why together, we will continue to fight to protect Maine. The beautiful western region of our state should not be devastated to fill the coffers of Spain and Canada.


We are launching invitations for our next round of volunteers who feel more comfortable collecting signatures within their friend and family groups. We realize the pandemic brings up challenges in many ways, and we want our grassroots crew to have multiple options on how to get involved in our effort!

So, we are offering to deliver or mail petition packets to our dedicated activists who can collect a base of 10-30 signatures from those who they are close with by Nov. 27th.

Our volunteer coordinators can offer a quick training by phone. This is also a good option if you are not finding a signature event in your area. Choose your level of engagement here - it all counts!

Email us at [email protected] to sign up as a friends and family volunteer signature collector today!

Activists of the Week

This week, we’d like to recognize our amazing volunteer coordinators who got us through Election Day with strategic planning and executing a massive volunteer effort without a hitch! Please join us in thanking Liz Caruso, Monica McCarthy, Cara Sacks and Krysta West for taking on this referendum with the same tenacity and dedication as our amazing volunteers.

This week, let’s use our signature drive to support local small businesses by partnering with them on signature gathering events, which will drive more business their way. If you have permission and you would like us to advertise your event to push collectors your way, please email [email protected] to let us know.

Thank you all, and happy collecting!

Feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

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Sandi Howard

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