11/2/21 Press Release

Maine Voters Soundly Reject CMP Corridor

After years of hard work, countless public hearings and town wide votes, and not one, but two wintertime volunteer-driven signature gathering efforts supported by hundreds of dedicated Mainers, the people of Maine finally had the opportunity to determine the fate of the CMP Corridor today. As results continue to come in, it appears that Mainers have resoundingly voted YES on Question 1 to finally reject this destructive project.

Tom Saviello, the lead petitioner of the referendum, said: "Today, Maine citizens had a voice in the development of the CMP corridor and any future proposed corridors. My goal all along was to give them that voice. The vote today proved Mainers cannot be hoodwinked or bought off by CMP and Hydro-Quebec. I call on CMP to stop all construction as the people of Maine have spoken."

Sandi Howard, the Director of No CMP Corridor said, "First and foremost, I'd like to express my deep gratitude to our amazing volunteers who were the heart and soul of this referendum effort. Without their resilience and dedication, Question 1 would have never been possible. These amazing people collected signatures, during the shortest days of winter and the height of a pandemic, from tens of thousands of Mainers from every corner of this great state. And their hard work has paid off. I hope that CMP now understands the gravity of the situation they're in. They've already inflicted so much damage on a part of Maine that I love, and now, it's time for this destruction to stop."