1/27/21 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

[email protected]

Maine Ethics Commission Unanimously Dismisses Unwarranted Complaint by CMP Against a Volunteer

Today the Maine Ethics Commission rejected CMP’s request to start an investigation of No CMP Corridor and Sandi Howard.  CMP filed a complaint seeking an investigation on the grounds that because Sandi Howard spent a lot of time working on the referendum to stop the corridor, she must be getting paid. But Sandi Howard is a volunteer, and there wasn’t a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing on her part. CMP apparently couldn’t understand the level of commitment that Sandi Howard and countless other volunteers have to oppose this harmful and unpopular project. The Maine Ethics Commission rightfully moved to not investigate on grounds of insufficient evidence. Here's a statement by Sandi Howard about this decision:

"It's a sad day when CMP, a foreign-owned company, uses their corporate lawyers to launch bogus complaints against our volunteer effort to silence those who dare to speak out against them. It's clear that CMP, and the soulless suits who represent them, can't fathom the passion and drive shared by hundreds of volunteers who care so deeply about preserving Maine's environment, economy and brand that they're willing to stand out in the cold for a second winter in a row to collect enough signatures to again qualify a referendum for the ballot."

Sandi continued, "To set the record straight once and for all, I am a volunteer, and I haven't been paid for my efforts to stop this unpopular project. I am proud to represent a group that is dedicated to giving the Mainers a voice on this destructive project. More than 100,000 Mainers want to vote on this project, and this time we won't be stopped by CMP or their high powered lawyers."

A link to today's Ethics Commission meeting can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U3BuFuTSe0