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Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

As we enter the final days of our signature collection effort, I’d like to take just a moment to remind each and every one of you just what it is that we’re fighting for. Our grassroots effort is built from a diverse and truly non-partisan group of concerned Mainers with different viewpoints and motivations. However, there’s no denying that what we have in western Maine (Segment 1 of the destructive NECEC Corridor) is incredibly special, unique and worth protecting.

Featured Story of the Week

Downeast Magazine - David Whitney’s Favorite Maine Place

For the second time this year, Downeast Magazine has featured the Segment 1 area in their publication, highlighting the incredible importance of this spectacular landscape to Maine’s people and brand. 

In this recent article, David Whitney, the founder of Whitney Wreaths in Washington County, identified Coburn Mountain as his favorite place to explore in Maine. He said, “There are few better places to do it [backcountry snowmobile] than Coburn Mountain, a 3,717 foot craig northwest of The Forks, nicknamed ‘the peak of Maine snowmobiling’.” He refers to the summit as “a world of endless white” with a view that “is just incredible.”

Unfortunately, the story missing from this feature is the severe impact CMP’s destructive NECEC Corridor would have on this iconic snowmobiling paradise. If built, the Corridor would go right over Sully’s Pass on the north shoulder of Coburn Mountain with poles reaching 2,800 feet in elevation, making them highly visible in a ¾ circle from Jackman and Greenville to the southeast. From the summit of Coburn Mountain, the entire 53.5 mile corridor would be visible and forever change the wilderness experience that makes this place a destination for at least 10,000 snowmobilers each season. 

As if that weren’t already bad enough, the Corridor would cross ITS-89 EIGHT TIMES on the way up Coburn Mountain resulting in localized closures of this important travel route for at least two years, and shutting off access to this iconic backcountry trail forever

In addition to being the area destination for snowmobilers, this important section of trail connects the entire region from Rangeley-Eustis to Jackman- Greenville and to The Forks-Bingham. Closing this section of trail, even for a few seasons, would devastate the entire region’s economy, as it relies just as heavily on snowmobile tourism as it does on rafting other summer tourism activities.

If we allow CMP and Hydro-Quebec to construct this for-profit corridor in the heart of our undeveloped wilderness, the character and charm that makes this area such a draw for people like David Whitney will be lost forever, all so two foreign corporations can make billions in profits off of Massachusetts ratepayers.

Action Items of the Week

Please know that the work you are doing to qualify this referendum for a statewide referendum is incredibly important to so many and please use this knowledge as motivation to continue to collect right up until the final buzzer

If you are a volunteer signature collector:

  1. Get your notarized petitions and completed affidavits into the mail first thing tomorrow morning, if you haven’t done so already. The deadline to mail in petitions if you’re unable to attend an in-person event was yesterday. Our address is: No CMP Corridor, PO Box 471, Farmington, ME 04938.
  2. Attend a notary event to hand in all notarized petitions you’re unable to certify no later than Wednesday, January 6. A complete list of notary events is included below.
  3. Continue collecting locally right up until Monday, January 11 if you’re able to deliver these petitions to town offices yourself. Towns cannot accept any petitions for certification after this final deadline, per instructions of the Secretary of State.

If you still need to sign the petition:

We are in the final days of collecting signatures and every signature will matter as we work toward our goal of qualifying this measure for the November 2021 ballot. Please sign or encourage others to sign the petition: https://www.nocmpcorridor.com/events or [email protected] 

Featured Interview of the Week

This week, Gary LaChance, a longtime volunteer and activist from Carrabassett Valley, was featured in an interview on WSKI-17 (click below video to see the interview). Please take a moment to view Gary’s interview and share it on social media. He did an excellent job representing our cause.

Featured Letter of the Week

Supporters of NECEC Project Are Again Engaging in Deception and Untruth

This week, activist John Nicholas of Winthrop did a fantastic job of calling out CMP on their lies and propaganda surrounding the NECEC project in this letter to the editor. This is a great letter and well worth a read. Thank you, John for continuing to publish these important letters.

Activists of the Week

*This photo was taken pre-COVID during the first referendum*

This week we would like to recognize the Franklin County ladies who, for two winters in a row, have really gone above and beyond. In addition to maintaining regular signature gathering schedules, these amazing women have volunteered countless hours to help Krysta keep all of our volunteers throughout the state stocked up with everything that is needed for success. Whenever help is needed, they’ve been there, and frankly, we wouldn’t be where we are today without their dedication and support. So thank you ladies for always answering our calls for help. Your efforts are so appreciated.

Best wishes to you in the new year ahead. This is the year that we send CMP and Hydro-Quebec packing, I just know it.

Donate by mail: Check made payable to No CMP Corridor sent to PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04398

Secure online: Donate at www.NoCMPCorridor.com/donate

To stay up to date and receive text message alerts, text NOCMP to 474747.

Happy holidays to all!

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.