2/22/21 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

[email protected]

BREAKING: Secretary of State advances No CMP Corridor referendum with 80,506 signatures deemed valid

Following news that the Maine Secretary of State has certified the signatures required to advance the citizen initiative to stop CMP's corridor, No CMP Corridor co-leaders Sandi Howard, Tom Saviello, and Darryl Wood released this statement:

"Today is bittersweet for opponents of CMP's destructive NECEC Corridor," said Sandi Howard. "It's bitter because the people of Maine should have had their say last November, but it's sweet because it shows that no matter what CMP or their high powered lawyers throw at us, opposition to the project remains as strong as ever. Now, thanks to the hard work of hundreds of Mainers from all corners of the state, and against CMP's best efforts, the people of Maine (their customers) will vote once and for all on the fate of the NECEC project."

Tom Saviello said, "In filing this referendum, I knew that opposition to the project was strong, but I never anticipated the level of support we would receive. This year we collected more signatures in less time, and we did it during a pandemic and the height of Maine's winter. CMP and Hydro-Quebec collectively spent $23 million to influence voters last year, and this year they've stepped things up by going door-to-door in support of their project, but clearly, Mainers remain confident that this is a bad deal. It's sad that this Spanish-owned utility has chosen to invest profits earned off of our power bills into their crusade to silence their own customers, especially since their mismanagement has resulted in yet another investigation by the Maine PUC. I am so proud of our activists who have stood with us since day one, unfazed by CMP and Hydro-Quebec's multi-million dollar propaganda campaign. I look forward to the vote this November."

“I joined this movement after learning that NECEC is not about protecting the environment- it's about fleecing the people of Maine and lining the pockets of large foreign corporations who do not care about Maine’s future," said Darryl Wood. "Maine, as it stands now, has a unique niche as a vacation destination for hikers, fishermen, rafters, snowmobilers and everyone who just wants to get away from the incessant development in their home state. This uniqueness of place will only become more valuable to future generations of Mainer’s as development encroaches from all directions. Everywhere I go, the people are opposed to the NECEC. The fact that this many people signed our petition, in winter, during a pandemic should send a powerful message to anyone who believes the people of Maine should have a say in our own sovereignty and future.”