2/5/21 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

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No CMP Corridor’s Response to CMP “Upending Maine Solar Projects”

ICYMI yesterday, the Portland Press Herald broke the story that CMP’s incompetence will cost the solar industry an undisclosed amount of money as well as approximately 100 towns in which these solar projects are planned. This new development is consistent with the seemingly constant mistakes that CMP has committed in providing power to Mainers. 

Solar developer Robert Cleaves said, which No CMP Corridor wholeheartedly agrees with, “Apparently [CMP] had enough time to connect Canadian hydro with Massachusetts ratepayers but not enough time to connect Maine ratepayers with Maine solar.”

This development follows on the heels of numerous instances in the past few years of inefficiencies and errors in CMP’s operations of providing power for Mainers. Almost exactly a year ago, the same issue arose when CMP’s singular focus on building their energy Corridor resulted in widespread billing issues. 

On February 3, 2020, the Portland Press Herald stated about the billing problems that “CMP would like to put the billing problems behind it because the company has another pressing concern: Gaining approvals for a $1 billion transmission line called New England Clean Energy Connect that would run through western Maine to supply Canadian hydropower to Massachusetts.”

A former CMP executive said in that same article, “The power line project was all-consuming...There was a lack of management attention to billing. But you’re going to make millions each year (from building the project), and the billing system doesn’t make you that kind of money.”

Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor PAC said, “Our ratepayers are plagued with the most frequent and prolonged power outages because, as evident by this news, CMP hasn't maintained their infrastructure properly. They knowingly rolled out a botched billing system, then denied any wrongdoing. They were fined for sending out illegal winter disconnection notices, and now this. 

Lead Petitioner Tom Saviello said, “In sending that letter to solar companies operating in Maine, CMP essentially admitted that their infrastructure isn't ready for the 21st century, yet they expect Mainers to support their for-profit venture to build a new transmission corridor through a special part of our state to service ratepayers in another state.”

Saviello continued, “CMP isn't the company it once was. Since being sold to a Spanish company, Mainers have not been satisfied with the service this government-granted monopoly has provided. CMP has ranked dead last in customer satisfaction ratings for three years, and until they turn things around, they can't be trusted to construct a major project like NECEC.”

To view the list of towns and stations this CMP decision affects, please click here.