2/9/21 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

[email protected]

No CMP Corridor's Response to Installation of First Utility Poll on NECEC

"It's ironic that the very same day the PUC announces yet another investigation into CMP's mismanagement, CMP decided to bull ahead prematurely with the construction of the wildly unpopular NECEC Corridor project to deliver power through Maine to Massachusetts ratepayers," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. "This is yet another shining example of this foreign-owned company's disdain for everyday Mainers. Time and time again, CMP cuts corners and puts profits before all else, and in this instance, their foreign shareholders will likely pay dearly. There are still ongoing legal battles and permit appeals. There is a federal injunction in place on Segment 1 from the border to West Forks. There are local permits that haven't yet been received, and notably, this project isn't yet permitted on the other side of the US/Canada border where the First Nations tribes have come out in strong opposition to the project. Last, but certainly not least, more than 100,000 Mainers signed a petition to bring this issue of statewide significance to the ballot, and regardless of CMP's actions today, the people of Maine will have the final say at the ballot box this November.

"For years, CMP has pushed the false narrative that their unpopular and destructive project is a 'done deal' to bully Mainers into submission on this for-profit project. But to be clear, we won't stop until Maine voters (their customers), have the chance to vote."