350 Maine Endorses Yes on Question 1 to Reject the CMP corridor

PORTLAND, ME— Today, 350 Maine endorsed Vote Yes on Question 1 to Reject the CMP Corridor.

350 Maine is standing up for climate justice with this endorsement. We see that the CMP corridor, also known as New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC), is not a climate justice solution. The corridor would supply energy sourced from megadams to Massachusetts which has renewable energy contracts that include electricity generated from Canadian hydropower. These megadams violate Indigenous rights, as they have displaced First Nation communities, destroy traditional hunting and fishing grounds, and lead to methylmercury poisoning. 350 Maine stands in solidarity with the the First Nation and Indigenous communities in Canada and the U.S. who oppose the corridor, including the Innu Nation of Labrador, Wemotaci (Atikamekw), Pikogan, Lac Simon, Kitcisakik and Winneway (Anishinabe) in Canada, the Penobscot Nation in Maine, and the Herring Pond Wampanoag Tribe, the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe, and the Nipmuc Nation in Massachusetts

350 Maine also endorses Yes on 1 because Hydro Quebec’s hydropower is not the clean energy that it has been marketed as and the corridor will not definitively contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Megadams and their reservoirs directly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions by emitting carbon dioxide and methane. The corridor itself also cuts through miles of carbon-capturing forests in both Canada and Maine. Lastly, as stated by the Natural Resources Council of Maine “Evidence in the record at the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) clearly shows that Hydro-Quebec would not undertake any construction of new generation facilities or equipment in order to provide power for NECEC. Because NECEC would not result in any new generation capacity, the power would come in large part from reduced exports by Hydro-Quebec to other markets. The study found that additional generation in those markets would be, at best, as dirty as the power being displaced in New England, making for no net carbon reduction.”

For these reasons, 350 Maine opposes the CMP corridor and Canadian hydropower, and endorses Yes on 1. There is no assurance that the CMP corridor would reduce climate-changing pollution and it is clear that it is not a climate justice solution due to the impacts that megadams have on Indigenous communities. 


350 Maine is a grassroots movement dedicated to fighting for climate justice. We grow our power collectively to find real and lasting solutions, to end our dependence on fossil fuels, and to build a healthy, sustainable life for people and the planet. For more information, visit www.350maine.org.


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