3/19/21 Press Release

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CMP Forced to File for Permit Amendments Amidst Public Outcry

Opponents again flood Board of Environmental Protection Meeting as 'minor revision' Application is discussed

No CMP Corridor is pleased to announce that, thanks to the efforts of our grassroots activists, CMP has withdrawn two items from their 700+ page 'minor revision' application, and they've refiled these items as 'application amendments' because the scope of the changes clearly do not meet the Department's guidelines for minor revisions.

Unlike minor revisions, which are approved internally and without public scrutiny, application amendments are subjected to a robust public process which includes notification, the opportunity to comment, a public hearing and intervenor filings. 

As a background, CMP's massive 'minor' revision application was only brought to light by court proceedings. The company's attempt to file in this manner, even though it clearly doesn't meet the criteria as 'minor', was yet another attempt to cut the public out of the approval process for this highly controversial project. This issue was highlighted by hundreds of grassroots activists who immediately reached out to the Board of Environmental Protections to protest the Department's original decision to shuffle this document along behind closed doors, and the Environment and Natural Resources Committee called the Commissioner in to pose questions about their process in determining that this application in fact qualified as 'minor'.

Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor said: "On behalf of No CMP Corridor, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the hundreds of Mainers who took the time to reach out to the Department about this application, and to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee for their role in ensuring that this process is done right and in the light of day. It is unfortunate that CMP continues to pull stunts like this to silence their own customers, but now they know that we are watching their actions on this project closely. We look forward to fully engaging in the process ahead."


To view CMP's amendment outlining the two regions to be reviewed, click here.

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