3/30/31 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

[email protected]

Legislative Committee Calls for 2/3 vote on CMP Corridor's lease to cross public lands

Last week, the court ruled that the Bureau of Public Lands failed to evaluate whether the leases issued to CMP for the NECEC Corridor would substantially alter public lands, as required by the Maine Constitution. Yesterday, the committee of oversight (the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee) made it abundantly clear that the ultimate decision lies with them, and that they do see this project as a substantial alteration that requires a 2/3 vote of approval by the Legislature. 

Hon. Tom Saviello of Wilton said “The ACF committee realizes the damage the corridor will do to our public lands. They put their political affiliations aside to protect these crown jewels for the people of Maine."

"No CMP Corridor thanks the Committee for sending this letter, and we're hopeful that the Maine Constitution will ultimately prevail over CMP's corporate interests", said Sandi Howard. "We agree that the lack of transparency throughout this process has been disturbing, and that the Legislature was wrongfully left out of the process. CMP has proven to be untrustworthy and blinded by profits by cutting numerous backroom deals and ignoring the Maine Constitution."

The letter sent by the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee to the Bureau of Public Lands can be found here.