3/4/21 Press Release

CONTACT: Sandi Howard

[email protected]


BREAKING: Congressman Jared Golden Urges Biden Administration to "Reevaluate the issuance of the Presidential Permit" for CMP's NECEC Corridor

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Congressman Jared Golden sent the attached letter to the Secretary of the US Department of Energy, urging the department to "reevaluate the issuance of the Presidential permit" to provide his constituents with the same opportunity for public input as was afforded to the residents of NH and VT on similar transmission projects. In the letter, Congressman Golden said, "You can therefore understand the frustration my constituents and I share that DOE reneged their previous commitment" in denying the people of Maine the promised public comment period before the permit was issued.

Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor said:

"No CMP Corridor is incredibly pleased that Congressman Jared Golden shares our frustration about the lack of transparency in the issuance of the federal permits for the CMP Corridor, and we would like to thank him for standing up for the people of Maine who have been shut out throughout this process. As previously reported, CMP paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars to lobby the Army Corps of Engineers for their federal permits, and as a result, they were the only party with a seat at the table. Regardless of how you feel about the NECEC Corridor, that's just wrong. Hopefully the new administration will choose to right this wrong."

Tom Saviello, a longtime opponent of the project said:

"I am so proud of my good friend Jared. He has continually supports the people of western Maine's efforts to have a voice in this colossal boondoggle."


To view Congressman Golden's letter, click here.