4/13/21 Press Release

Breaking: CMP PAC spending nearly equivalent to rate hike request

Exactly one week after requesting a $26.5 million rate hike (nearly 10%), CMP's PAC report reveals that the company has spent nearly an equivalent amount ($22,081,801.28) on its campaign to promote the for-profit NECEC Corridor project to serve ratepayers in Massachusetts.

"It's truly stunning to see how little this company actually cares about the great state of Maine and its people," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. "On one hand, CMP expects Mainers to pay more for worst-in-the-nation service, and on the other hand, CMP is funneling tens of millions into a campaign to promote a $3 billion contract with customers in a different state. It's no wonder CMP is the lowest rated utility in America."