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It feels like forever ago that many of us gathered in Augusta for the joyous occasion of handing in our petitions and celebrating. So much has changed since that day, and I hope that you are all doing well and taking care of your families, friends and neighbors.

I am pleased to announce that our march towards election day this November has begun in earnest. We won’t sit back while CMP and Hydro-Quebec spend record amounts to silence us, and we won’t let them exploit our collective fear of the unknown as we get through the COVID-19 crisis.

CMP is already working overtime to capitalize on the economic hardship many Mainers are experiencing, and they have shifted their focus to touting short-term investments associated with this project. A prime example is this shameless ad they recently released. 

Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised that CMP would stoop to this low. The truth is that this project will leave Maine with only 38 permanent jobs, and it will result in the loss of far more in our forestry, renewable energy and tourism industries. Furthermore, the energy savings, when divided out over the life of the project and the number of households, equates to just pennies per household each month.

I’m not going to lie, as they roll out their half-truths and announce contracts to steamroll this process through, ahead of the referendum, it will become more difficult for people to see through their lies; especially at a time when collectively, we are hurting. 

That’s why, it’s more important now than ever that we stand together and spread the word that this is a bad deal for Maine

We need your help to get this message out there. First, please text “NoCMP” to 41411 to sign up for texting updates. This will allow us to communicate with you quickly when updates arise. 

Second, I’m challenging at least five volunteers to submit a letter to the editor this week to push back against CMP’s predatory ads. Letters are short - only 250 words or less - and they are a powerful way to get our message across, for free.

If you’re not a writer, but you would still like to help, please consider a contribution to the PAC todayWe will never match CMP’s foreign stakeholders dollar-per-dollar, but we will stand toe-to-toe with them.

Thank you all so much for your support. We never would have made it this far without our dedicated volunteers.

Sandi Howard


Activist of the Week


One of the five signers of the citizens' initiative application, Theresa York of Farmington has played a vital roll in our efforts. She served as a town chair, spent countless hours volunteering at headquarters, collected many signatures and most recently, authored this letter to the editor. Thank you for your tireless efforts, Theresa!

Volunteer Asks of the Week

1. Sign Up for Texting!


2. Like our Facebook Page!

3. Write your 250 words or less letter to the editor and submit it by emailing [email protected]

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