5/10/20 Newsletter

Friend --

I’m so pleased to say this has been a very good week for the cause, as CMP lost their final appeal to block our referendum from the November 2020 ballot.


Mainers will have the opportunity to vote in November on this issue! We at No CMP Corridor are so glad this charade is finally over. It is apparent from the obscene amounts of money they have spent in their efforts to block a statewide vote that they know the people of Maine are not in their corner. 

But really, there has never really been a question in my mind because our hundreds of volunteers, from every corner of Maine, went to great lengths to honor our state by doing things the right way during the signature campaign, unlike CMP.

Hopefully, Maine voters have taken note of the fact that their public utility company has repeatedly sued the state for recognizing your right to vote on their for-profit line. They wasted taxpayer resources and time on this ridiculous charade.

CMP and their army of 30+ lobbyists may have tried to silence our voices throughout the permitting process, but they did not win. Now, because of the hard work and dedication of all of you - during the dead of winter - the people of Maine will FINALLY have a say when it comes to their destructive corridor. Maine will not be an extension cord for Massachusetts!

In the coming weeks and months, we can expect CMP and Hydro-Quebec to take their misinformation campaign to the next level, so your voices will become even more important. Please continue to tell your families, friends and neighbors that this project is still a BAD DEAL FOR MAINE!

This week on Wednesday, May 13 at 4:00 PM, we will host a virtual town hall to bring all of you up to speed on what our next steps will be. I hope you will all join us as we band together as we march towards election day this November.


In addition, please text “NoCMP” to 41411 and like our Facebook page for continued updates. Together, we will take on CMP, and we will win.


Activist of the Week

Kimberly Lyman of Caratunk Maine is a true No CMP Corridor hero. One of the top five signers of the referendum and a board member of Say No to NECEC, Kimberly has been with us since the very beginning. During the signature gathering effort, she volunteered countless hours at headquarters (which isn’t near her home), drove petitions to town offices all over Somerset and Franklin counties, served as a town captain, and helped staff regular notary events in Kingfield, on top of collecting many signatures. She also has generously donated a lot of swag to our effort, testified before various bureaucracies and authored many letters to the editor. In other words, there isn’t much Kimberly Lyman isn’t doing to help advance our cause. 

Thank you all for your continued support!

Sandi Howard

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