5/14/21 Press Release

No CMP Corridor Statement on Segment 1 Injunction Being Lifted

The United States Court of Appeals lifted the injunction that has been in place to protect Segment 1 from development since January. The following is Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor's statement on this decision:

"No CMP Corridor is disappointed in the Court's decision to lift the injunction that has protected the most remote and environmentally sensitive segment of CMP's proposed corridor from development. We have watched the destruction CMP has hastily inflicted ahead of the November vote with horror. Simply put, the clear cutting and environmental damage that is occurring, and can now occur in Segment 1, is devastating. In light of the fact that the public lands are situated in Segment 1 and the Agriculture Committee made it clear that the backdoor lease for this project should have received the constitutionally-required 2/3 vote of the Legislature, the courts are still determining the status of CMP's illicit lease and the November referendum specifically addresses the use of our public lands, CMP should not be allowed to clear a single twig from these lands until the issue is resolved."

"Additionally, CMP recently submitted an amendment application for Appleton Township, structures 432-739 through 432-744, which is also located within Segment 1, to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection. This amendment will require a thorough public process that includes a hearing and a thorough environmental review. Until this is completed, CMP should not be allowed to clear this area."