5/27/21 Press Release

Press Release: Licensed Forester Confirms CMP Clear Cut in North Maine Woods

Please click the links below to see pictures of the clear cut

Yesterday we asked a licensed professional forester, Roger Merchant, to investigate the 98-foot-wide clear cut CMP cleared on Segment 1 of the Corridor. Here is his report:

"We made nine right-of-way measurements at sites west of Route 201; around Johnson Mt., over Coburn then west to the Mining Road Loop. We found that the cut corridor averaged 95 feet in width. The narrowest width was 86 feet, the widest width was 104 feet at Judd Road, as seen in the picture attached. In all cases trees were simply cut and laid to rest on the corridor site. None were yarded out, cut up, chipped or processed. From my well seasoned forest harvesting perspective, my views on the CMP corridor yesterday clearly indicated to me that I was looking at a classic strip clear cut, from 201 to Mining Road. There was no instance where I was looking at some form of a partial harvest on the cut corridor."

Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor said, "There you have it. CMP is running ads claiming that they will only clear a 54 foot corridor through some of Maine's most sensitive wildlife habitat, but that claim is a myth. When it comes to the CMP Corridor, we can't trust CMP or their flashy advertisements."

"The permit requires vegetative tapering in the segments outside of the first 54-foot-wide clear cut to protect critical wildlife habitat," said Tom Saviello, a volunteer. "How does the removal of all vegetation meet that DEP protection requirement? There are no trees left in the clear cut as required by the permit."