5/6/20 Press Release

CMP Consistently Inconsistent with Jobs Claims

Avangrid, the parent company of CMP, inflates job benefits to shareholders in Q1 Earnings Call

FARMINGTON - Just last week on an earnings call, Avangrid, the parent company to CMP, directly contradicted claims made by its subsidiary about temporary job creation by the Corridor project. On the call, Avangrid claimed, “The project also awarded key contracts of over $320 million using Maine workers.”

But the New England Clean Energy Connect website plainly states that companies they subcontract with will hire Maine workers only “when possible.” Further, three out of the four companies awarded contracts aren’t even based in Maine (Irby Construction of MS, Northern Clearing of WI and Sargent Electric of PA).

“So which is it?” asked Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. “Will this corridor create stable Maine jobs or won’t it? It certainly seems to me that CMP’s flip flopping indicates the latter.” 

 The report often cited by the Maine Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the public benefit of the corridor clearly makes the case that many of these jobs are temporary and won’t be filled by Mainers. The study states, "Moreover, although the new jobs created by development and construction of the project are located in Maine, the positions are not necessarily filled by local Maine residents...migrant workers that move to Maine specifically for this project might move out of the region right after the construction work is completed.”

“Since this project’s inception, CMP has been consistently inconsistent in outlining the ‘benefits’ Mainers could realize from temporary job creation,” said Howard continued. “First they sent out a flyer claiming there would be 3,500 Maine jobs created, then they sent the exact same flyer out touting 1,600 jobs. Now, as they award construction contracts, they have continued this inconsistent dialogue to inflate project ‘benefits’ to Maine.”

Howard continued, “With a global pandemic raging around us, Maine’s economy - and its people - are suffering. The last thing they need right now is a foreign company providing half-truths and false hope to take advantage of this crisis. The truth of the matter is, if this project isn’t defeated at the ballot box this November, it will only generate 38 permanent jobs, but as my good friend Tom Saviello recently pointed out, so many more will be lost.” 

“It’s highly unethical for CMP to manipulate our crisis for their financial gain. They can spin the details any way they want, but the facts haven’t changed on this project; this is still a bad deal for Maine. It’s time for CMP, and the companies that own them, to come clean with Maine voters, and to stop playing games during a global health crisis.”