5/7/20 Press Release



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Maine’s Highest Court Denies CMP’s Latest Attempt to Block Referendum

Maine voters will weigh on on the CMP corridor project this November

FARMINGTON - After repeated attempts by CMP’s lawyers to block the right of Maine voters to weigh in on their controversial corridor project, a panel of five Supreme Court Justices on Thursday, May 7 sided with referendum supporters, affirming their place on the November 2020 ballot. 

“We at No CMP Corridor are so glad this charade is finally over,” said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. “CMP has spent obscene amounts of money in an effort to stop us from bringing this issue to a vote because they know the people of Maine aren’t in their corner. Thankfully, with the Maine Constitution on our side, we have prevailed and the hard work of hundreds of Maine residents from all across the state in the dead of winter has paid off. Hopefully Maine voters will take note of the fact that CMP, our public utility company, has repeatedly sued the state of Maine for recognizing our right to vote on their for-profit line.”

“I’m just so pleased that the people of the state of Maine will finally have a voice in this corridor, despite all of CMP’s efforts to silence them,” said Tom Saviello, lead referendum signer. “Regardless of how much money CMP and their foreign investors want to throw at frivolous lawsuits, 66,000 Maine voters signed petitions to bring this issue to a referendum, which is well over the threshold to trigger a vote. Our volunteer effort was strong and impressive, and most importantly, unlike CMP, we honored our state by doing things the right way. We will see you all at the polls this November.”