6/14/20 Newsletter

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This has been a busy week for No CMP Corridor advocates! First and foremost, we would like to thank Senator Russell Black for moderating our town hall event on Wednesday, and we would like to thank Susan Theberge, Tom Saviello and Darryl Wood for participating as panelists. For those of you who weren’t able to join, you can watch the full event here:

While the referendum remains our best and most certain avenue for stopping CMP and Hydro-Quebec, two foreign corporations, from constructing this destructive for-profit corridor, every single avenue is still being explored, which is why this week, the grassroots nonprofit (Say No to NECEC) filed for a Stay of the DEP permit along with an appeal. In addition, three other nonprofits and NextEra, filed appeals to challenge DEP’s conditional permit. 

The bottom line is, we can’t sit idly by while these corporations steamroll through the permitting process before the voters of Maine have a say this November. We may not have the backing of wealthy foreign investors, but we do have the Maine Constitution behind us, and we will have the final say.

Action Item

This is the final week to submit input to the Maine Secretary of State regarding suggested language for the ballot. If you haven’t done so already, please submit your suggestion today. We are recommending the phrase “Central Maine Power” and also “Quebec to Massachusetts” be inserted into the language so the question reads,”Do you want to adopt a Resolve directing the Maine Public Utilities Commission to reverse its approval of Central Maine Power’s proposed New England Clean Energy Connect power transmission line from Quebec to Massachusetts?”

The deadline to make this request is June 22, and the instructions to provide public comment are below.


Please also continue to hammer away at CMP and Hydro-Quebec with letters to your local editors. We must be sure that the people of Maine understand that a “Yes” vote this fall will (finally) send CMP packing. 

If you are able, would you consider signing up to donate monthly to our cause? Click below to donate or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Highlighted News Story

Maine people need to listen to Canadian First Nation people about their methylmercury poisoned ecosystems, their loss of fisheries as their river systems have been flooded and flows disrupted, their peoples displacement from ancestral, tribally-owned lands by new impoundments, and the destruction of the migratory caribou herds the First Nation peoples have relied on for thousands of years. First Nation representatives came to Maine last fall to reach out for our help. Their website explains to all how Canadian mega dams across the North have destroyed their environment and impacted their lives. 

The Iberdrola/CMP proposal to bring Hydro-Quebec’s dirty electricity through Maine is contrary to Maine’s ethics and how we treat Maine’s people and Maine’s rivers. Maine must not allow Hydro-Quebec’s dirty deal with the devil into New England. 

Click here to view the full article.

Activists of the Week

This week, we would like to recognize the Maine State Council of Trout Unlimited, and all their local volunteers that care deeply about Maine brook trout. Trout Unlimited remains firmly opposed to the construction of the NECEC corridor which bisects a habitat that studies show contains 97% of the naturally-reproducing wild Eastern Brook Trout remaining in the USA. That is, hatchery fish have never been stocked to breed with these iconic native fish, which have the same genes as their ancestors had when the last glaciers melted. They originally ranged down the entire Appalachian chain to Georgia, but dams and development on the eastern seaboard have left only this remnant in Maine. You can catch a brook trout in the Smoky or Blue Ridge Mountains but, like you, it got there in a vehicle; it wasn’t born there. 

Thank you Trout Unlimited volunteers, for recognizing that the last bastion for a fish whose genetics and behavior go back 15,000 years should be protected, at all costs.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.