6/23/20 Press Release


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Mainers Submit Lawsuit Challenging CMP's Lease on Public Lands

No CMP Corridor's Sandi Howard expresses support for lawsuit

Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor said, "Just four years ago, Mainers banded together to protect the Cold Stream Forest because they recognized that the unique wild native brook trout and deer habitat on this 8,000 acre parcel is irreplaceable and invaluable. A lot of hard work went into purchasing this land for the state to hold as a public reserve, forever be protected for future generations. But, because of a lease that the State granted erroneously, the CMP corridor threatens the integrity of this parcel by crossing the most important tributary for the Cold Stream Forest, and bisecting what was meant to be source-to-mouth protection of critical trout and deer habitat on state-owned land."

Sandi continued, "It was unacceptable for unelected bureaucrats to have entered into an illegal lease with CMP to do this, with no legislative oversight. There's a right way to do things, and a wrong way; it appears that rather than following the letter of the law, CMP cut corners in securing this lease. No CMP Corridor appreciates the group of Mainers who stepped up to file this lawsuit to urge the court to hold CMP accountable by revoking this lease."