7.11.21 Newsletter

Hello Friend,

I hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s Independence Day celebrations! I’d like to thank all of our volunteers who marched in the Farmington parade to help spread the word that a YES vote will stop the CMP corridor. Check out the great pictures here.


As you can see, we had a great turnout of volunteers for this event, and much fun was had by all!

This week, it is my pleasure to welcome Elizabeth (Liz) Caruso back onto our team as a Volunteer Coordinator as we head into the final stretch leading up to the November vote. Many of you remember Liz as early as 2018 when Caratunk became the first town to rescind support for the corridor, which has now seen 24 other towns and two county commissions follow suit to oppose this travesty. She has fought for our grassroots efforts by intervening at the Public Utilities Commission and Dept. of Environmental Protection, testifying at legislative hearings, as a signature collector for both referenda and earlier this year, she served as the volunteer coordinator for Somerset, Franklin, and Piscataquis counties.

So now, I’m going to turn the letter over to Liz for the remainder of the newsletter. Have a great week! 

Welcome to the team, Liz!

Hello Grassroots Team,

It is such an honor to be back serving with you all again! I continue to be in awe as the masses of Mainers are unifying across political parties, coastal and inland counties, and socio-economic spheres to protect Maine: the Way Life Should Be. 

As Registered Maine Guides and Segment 1 & 2 residents and business owners, my husband, Greg, and I are intimately familiar with the impact this project’s destruction would have on our four-season wilderness recreational hub and its associated wildlife and fisheries habitat.  

Additionally, our elected municipal officials were furious at CMP’s treachery, bribery and purposefully, misleading presentations to garner support for their greedy destruction.  However, what really pushed me over the top was the vast damage this project would inflict on Maine’s energy grid, economy, and on those citizens and families dependent on our biomass and renewable energy industries.

Like many of you who witnessed the agency proceedings and legislative sessions, my eyes were jerked open by the political and corporate corruption – the good old boys club of lawyers and lobbyists – now operating in our state government. I saw a new enemy of our innocent lands and citizens– corporate lies, deception, injustice, and now the funneling of foreign millions through our own media outlets.

Conscientious Maine citizens, concerned about Maine’s environment, economy, climate future, are now infiltrated with false, clean energy hoopla instead of the scientific, oath-sworn facts.

CMP is petrified of the science!

CMP’s arsenal fought ANY kind of study to validate climate benefits or to prove that NECEC will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) – at the PUC, at the DEP and at the State legislature.  

  • At the PUC, CMP argued that greenhouse gas should be studied later at the DEP.  
  • In a letter to the DEP arguing against analyzing GHG criteria, CMP attorney Manahan stated, “In fact, nowhere has CMP stated that the Project’s purpose and need includes GHG emissions reductions.”  
  • And finally, with overwhelming support in committee and the Senate, CMP unleashed over 30 lobbyists to persuade the legislators of Maine citizens against LD 640 – Independent Study to verify GHG Emissions of the HQ system.

If these foreign corporations, standing to make billions off of Maine destruction, really cared about reducing GHG and combating climate... If they were confident that this project has carbon benefits and that HQ has the capacity to supply clean energy, then they wouldn’t be stopping the analysis to actually provide evidence for their clean energy and climate benefits.  

To the contrary, the Massachusetts Attorney General submitted testimony from expert Dean M. Murphy to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities stating that: 

  • NECEC DOES NOT MEET the clean energy standards for their Section 83D RFP because it would not be “new” clean power.   
  • NECEC would NOT be required that these lines even carry new, clean energy.  
  • With regards to greenhouse gas benefit, Mr. Murphy clearly explains that HQ would implement “resource shuffling” or greenwashing, resulting in NO GREENHOUSE GAS REDUCTION as a result of NECEC. 
  • Hydro-Quebec has not confirmed or proven in any of Maine’s proceedings that the company actually has the additional capacity to provide this hydropower.  In fact, HQ has committed to utilizing existing facilities to supply NECEC contracted energy.

Corrupt practices by deceitful corporations cannot be allowed to run unbridled over Maine lands, industries and citizens. Mainers deserve the truth and scientific facts, not false propaganda on social media.  

Living in, working in and representing a small, rural town within the corridor, I have eye-witnessed the destruction of our area, the closing of critical snowmobile trails, and the infiltration by a predominantly, out-of-state labor force…a truth far-opposite to CMP’s deceptive ads for Maine jobs. The Truth? A Wisconsin logging company, a NY tower manufacturer, and local towns infiltrated with out-of-state license plates and out-of-state accents.

Tell your friends that CMP is hiding from the science… The record proves that the CMP Corridor is not green and not clean. 

Join me in voting YES this November to REJECT this green-energy scam.

Opposition on Both Sides of the Border

Opposition to this horrific corridor continues to intensify and diversify. 

A coalition of indigenous First Nation tribes in Quebec is suing the provincial government to stop construction of a new transmission line needed for NECEC to connect the Hydro-Quebec system to Maine’s. According to Maine Public, “more than a third of the dam system providing electricity for the project are on lands the tribes never ceded to the province.”

Featured Story of the Week

Coalition of Indigenous Tribes in Quebec are suing to stop Hydro-Quebec powerline construction

Featured Testimony of the Week




Featured Letter of the Week

Retain Maine’s beauty, reject power corridor

By Renee Cote of Auburn

Featured Activist of the Week

This week, we'd like to honor activist Marty Fox of Wiscasset, a steadfast grassroots partner to our cause. We appreciate his efforts to educate folks along the coast about NECEC's negative impacts, which has helped us gain widespread and statewide opposition to the project. While so much focus is spent on Segment 1, the first 53.5 miles of the corridor route in western Maine, we should remember that there is a 26.5 mile segment from Windsor to Wiscasset that would result in corridor widening for an additional 345 KV transmission line and the related impacts. Marty also leads by example to keep a thumb on the municipal permitting process in Wiscasset and will attend the July 12th planning board meeting to request that stipulations be added to any permit granted to CMP/Avangrid/Iberdrola.

Upcoming Volunteer Update

Join us on Wednesday, 7/14 at 7pm for an update from our campaign. Joining us will be Tom Saviello and some members of the Environment and Natural Resources committee.

Register here.

Our new (and improved!) signs have arrived! If you would like one, please fill out this form and we will be in touch! Signs are free, but as always, donations are very much appreciated. To donate securely online, click the button below or visit https://www.yestorejectcmpcorridor.com/donate. To donate by check, mail a check payable to No CMP Corridor to PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

And for our second action item, to sign up to work at an upcoming fair, click here!

That’s all for this week.

Thanks for your continued support! Together, WE WILL STOP THE CMP CORRIDOR!


Sandi Howard

Director, No CMP Corridor