7/14/21 Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: Lawmakers from ENR, ACF Committees Call on Department to halt CMP Corridor project until inadequate protections are addressed

A group of bipartisan lawmakers from the Environment and Natural Resources Committee and the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee today held a press conference to raise awareness of a flawed permit condition that has left critical wildlife habitat, heritage fisheries and viewsheds at risk.

The press conference can be viewed here.

The letter that was mailed by these legislators to the DEP, BEP and ACF can be viewed here.

“If a permit condition included in a DEP permit couldn’t be met, it was my job as the environmental manager to shut down operations and self-report to reach resolution as quickly as possible. Clearly, that’s not what is going on with the CMP Corridor project,” said Hon. Tom Saviello, a retired environmental manager and forester from Wilton who volunteers to stop the CMP Corridor. “It’s time for the Board of Environmental Protection to take control of this project, and to hold CMP to the highest standards possible to protect the wildlife, fisheries and vista of the Forks area.”

“While the DEP permit allows for the clear cut in the Upper Kennebec Region to be a maximum of 54 feet wide, with 16-foot tapering zones to protect this special part of Maine, those conditions cannot be met by CMP,” said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. “I would like to personally thank these four legislators for taking the time to investigate the situation on the ground to gain firsthand knowledge of the irreparable harm this unwanted corridor has already inflicted in Somerset County.”