7.25.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

After being cut out of the public lands discussion by multiple administrations for years now, the Legislature has spoken on the issue of CMP’s misuse of Maine Public Reserve Lands in a clear and powerful way. With overwhelming bipartisan support in both chambers, a Joint Order memorializing the Legislature’s position on CMP’s lease to bisect (and destroy) Maine public reserve land garnered overwhelming bipartisan support with a vote of 28-6 in the Senate and 66-52 in the House.

Titled "Joint Resolution, Expressing the Sense of the Legislature Regarding the Use of Public Land Leased by the State", it concludes:

"RESOLVED: That We, the Members of the One Hundred and Thirtieth Legislature now assembled in the First Special Session, on behalf of the people we represent, express our sense in accordance with the Constitution of Maine, that the lease provided to CMP to cross the public reserved lands in West Forks Plantation and in Johnston Mountain Township constitutes a substantial alteration of those public lands, requiring a 2/3 vote of all the members elected to each House of the Legislature." 

Full text of the resolution can be found here.

With this Joint Resolution, the full Legislature affirmed the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee’s repeated finding that the lease granted to CMP for construction of the corridor, bisecting OUR public land, is a substantial alteration, and therefore unconstitutional until it receives a ⅔ vote of the full Legislature. 

Featured Floor Speech

Senator Craig Hickman, former ACF Committee Co-Chair

Activists of the Week

Please join us in thanking Senator Rick Bennett, Representative Maggie O'Neil and the large group of bipartisan legislators who supported this important Joint Resolution. If your legislators voted in favor of this Joint Resolution, please take a moment to reach out and thank them (House and Senate). Roll calls are located here.

It took a lot of courage to stand up to CMP and it’s powerful lobby in this meaningful way. We are so thankful for those who joined us in taking a stand to defend the Maine Constitution and our public reserve lands against foreign stakeholders and corporate greed.

It seems fitting that the very last action of the legislature this session was to send this clear and powerful message to CMP and the administration.

Featured Story of the Week

Lawmakers muster symbolic opposition to CMP after legislation aimed at utility fails

This action by the Legislature comes on the heels of Justice Murphy's statement last Friday in court (read below).

Second Featured Story of the Week

Justice: LePage and Mills Administrations Kept Lawmakers “In the Dark” on Public Lands Lease for CMP Powerline

Featured Letter of the Week

Public Lands belong to Maine people

By Sandi Howard (Yours truly!)

Featured Cartoon of the Week

Courtesy of Rep. Jennifer Poirier

Last year, the PUC ordered an independent audit of CMP in response to an investigation into the company's rates. The PUC is now seeking comments from CMP customers. Please take a moment to voice your concerns about the company's mismanagement, countless fundamental failures and its continued focus on constructing the corridor to serve customers in another state, to the detriment of Maine ratepayers and service.

Please take a moment to submit a public comment to the PUC by clicking on this online form.

New Swag!

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Sandi Howard

Director, No CMP Corridor