7/29/2020 Press Release


CONTACT: Sandi Howard, [email protected]

No CMP Corridor PAC Commends Penobscot Nation for Taking a Stand Against CMP’s NECEC Corridor

The Penobscot Nation submitted testimony to the US Army Corp of Engineers requesting a full and comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement for CMP’s NECEC Corridor Project. Here’s Sandi Howard’s response:

“It takes a lot of courage to stand up to foreign special interests like CMP and Hydro-Quebec, and their teams of lawyers and seemingly endless resources, which is why No CMP Corridor thanks Chief Kirk Francis and the Penobscot Nation for taking this important stand.”

Howard continued, “Maine’s wilderness and natural resources are critical to the economy and the way of life in rural Maine, which is why Mainers deserve to understand the full picture, rather than be forced to rely on the promises and propaganda of the nation’s least trusted public utility company. An EIS was completed for similar projects in New Hampshire and Vermont, and Maine deserves nothing less.

“Finally, as pointed out in the Penobscot Nations’ letter, an EIS would shed light on Hydro-Quebec’s shameful business practices that have resulted in the cultural genocide of the Indiginous communties. Mainers must fully understand the impacts on these people, as well as the land and waterways that sustain their traditional way of life.”


Click HERE to read the Penobscot Nation's letter to the Army Corp of Engineers.