7/29/20 Press Release


CONTACT: Sandi Howard, [email protected]

Maine lawmakers call on Hydro-Quebec to stop meddling in Maine’s elections

Lawmakers cite the fact that similar foreign interference is illegal in Quebec, and should be here as well

FARMINGTON - A bipartisan group of 25 current and former legislators sent today a bipartisan letter calling on Hydro-Quebec to discontinue their exploitation of a loophole in Maine election law to funnel millions into a campaign to sway Maine voters in an election for their financial gain.

“It’s heartening to see a bipartisan group of legislators who are willing to stand with everyday Mainers in demanding that Hydro-Quebec cease their multi-million dollar campaign to sway Maine voters,” said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor.

“Hydro-Quebec, a foreign corporation solely owned by the Canadian government, stands to make $12.4 billion in profits off of the unpopular NECEC Corridor over the next 20 years while Mainers receive pennies. We rightfully don’t trust this corporation, which has refused to provide any insight into the source of the power throughout the permitting process, and has instead flooded Maine airwaves and mailboxes with propaganda and lies."

“Thank you to Representative Ackley for his leadership on this issue, and to the other legislators who were willing to stand up to Hydro-Quebec and their attempt to bully Maine voters for their profit.”