Secretary of State Releases Wording of No CMP Corridor Referendum


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Secretary of State Releases Wording of No CMP Corridor Referendum


FARMINGTON - Today Secretary Matthew Dunlap released the wording of No CMP Corridor's referendum, which will be voted on this fall. The wording is as follows: "Do you want to require the Maine Public Utilities Commission to reject a previously-approved proposal to construct the New England Clean Energy Connect electrical power transmission line through western Maine?"

"We wish that the Secretary had taken more of our language suggestions, however, we are glad that it will be on the ballot and we are looking forward to the vote so the people of Maine can finally have a say on this unpopular project," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. "We encourage everyone who opposes the CMP Corridor to vote "Yes" this November."

"Since the very beginning, the people of Maine have expressed their grave disapproval of CMP's for-profit project to supply power to Massachusetts through our pristine western forest, but our voices have fallen on deaf ears," said Darry Wood, Treasurer of No CMP Corridor. "But with this referendum, CMP can no longer ignore us. I'm so proud of all of the long hours and hard work that went into making this vote possible. I look forward to voting "Yes" this November" to take back the power."