8.16 Newsletter

Friends -- 

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Maine’s highest court ruled this week that our referendum should not be included on this November’s ballot. It’s a very sad day when our court sides with foreign corporations over the people of Maine. The fact that CMP’s parent company sued the State of Maine to silence their customers, and it worked, is astounding. 

Mainers feel very strongly that this project will do irreparable damage to our natural resources, hurt rural our economy and threaten our way of life. That’s why hundreds of you stood outside, during the height of the winter, to collect signatures from more than 66,000 voters who want the opportunity to weigh in on this deeply unpopular project.

We are weighing all our options (legal, political and legislative) on how to best proceed, but I promise you, this fight is far from over.

No CMP Corridor, and our army of volunteers, will not rest until we stop this for-profit project once and for all.

In other news, last week, I wrote about how 41 lawmakers banded together to send a clear message to Hydro-Quebec and the government of Quebec to stop “meddling” in our elections. Unsurprisingly, they seem unphased by our outrage because just this week, Serge Abergel, a resident of Quebec and Hydro-Quebec’s Director of External Affairs, published an opinion piece in the Lewiston Sun Journal. 

While I agree with his title that, “The choice should be easy to make”, it’s all downhill from there. 

His column, which is meant to discredit our partner, NRCM, for their opposition to their cash cow project of a project, is riddled with propaganda and unsubstantiated claims. He also takes great effort to downplay the beauty and significance of our undeveloped forest and natural resources that would be forever destroyed by CMP’s NECEC corridor project.

We need to be sure that Mainers understand that the last person who should be lecturing us on what we have right here in our backyards is a foreigner representing a Crown Corporation that stands to make $12.4 billion on an extension cord that, quite frankly, nobody wants. 

Action Item

That’s why this week, I’m asking for your help to push back. You can do this by drafting 250 word letters to your local papers explaining how Hydro-Quebec’s foreign interference is absolutely unacceptable. If they won’t listen to our legislators, maybe we can help them understand that their propaganda isn’t welcome here. Mainers are intelligent enough to make up their own minds on their for-profit venture with CMP and the people of Massachusetts. 

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need help drafting or connecting with your local papers.

Featured Letters

Thankfully, two activists have already taken a swing with letters printed in the Daily Bulldog. 

In this letter, Linda Flagg of Livermore Falls said, “Hydro-Quebec needs to stop meddling in our election, and as Tom Saviello said, “Mind their own fricking business!”. 

And, in this letter, Kate Hatfield of Kingfield asks, “Are you okay with Hydro-Quebec throwing record sums of money behind a political action committee to influence an election in Maine? Considering the fact that they’re owned by the government, and the people of Quebec have a vested interest in the outcome of the upcoming referendum, I sure am not!”

Also in need of response is this opinion piece that ran in the Central Maine paper authored by CMP’s Thorn Dickinson. As we’ve come to expect from Thorn, and everyone else pushing this heinous project, it’s ripe with half truths and outright lies which start in the very first paragraph where he states he’s had the privilege of traveling our great state to “talk with Mainers about the significant benefits this project will bring us - lower energy costs for Maine families ($0.12 per month), reductions in greenhouse gases threatening our way of life (unproven, largely because CMP hired 30 lawyers to kill the one bill that would have shed light on this empty promise), and a more reliable electric transmission system to keep us safe (does anybody believe, at this point CMP is capable of providing reliable service?).

Please, don’t go easy with Thorn or Hydro-Quebec, in your responses. These companies have spent more than $16 million to brainwash Mainers, while suing to disenfranchise us. 

Local Endorsements

This week, we’re proud to feature support for our cause from Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney and Cliff Krolick, a candidate for the House of Representatives in southern York County.

Click HERE to see all our local support!

Activist of the Week

This week, we would like to thank Lou Ann Clifford for donating her time over the course of the signature gathering effort to serve as our primary volunteer notary for northern Franklin County. Every two weeks, Lou Ann donated her time to serve as our notary at the Orange Cat Cafe in Kingfield. She was a tremendous help, and provided an invaluable service, notarizing hundreds of petitions for dozens of volunteers. 

And she’s just one of the many volunteer notaries who helped us qualify for the ballot. So thanks to Lou Ann, and all of our volunteers who provided this important service.

Upcoming Events

Finally, please mark your calendars for a few upcoming Zoom events. This Thursday, August 20 from 6-7 pm, NRCM will host a call titled “The CMP Corridor: Bad for Maine’s Forests & Wildlife.” To attend, RSVP here.

Additionally, I will be speaking on a forum with Our Revolution group on August, 20th from 7-8pm. Register here.

Lastly, our next Zoom call will be on August 26th from 7-8 pm (more details to come).

Thank you all, and please, don’t let the court ruling get you down. Together, we will press on!

As always, we welcome any financial support you’re able to contribute. At this point, every dollar really does count! Please feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938