8/19/21 Press Release

No CMP Corridor's statement on CMP's new BQC: New name, same deceptive tactics

This week, CMP launched a Ballot Question Committee, Mainers for Fair Laws, as part of its effort to oppose Question 1 on the November ballot. For fundraisers and decision makers, Mainers for Fair Laws lists Scott Mahoney, CMP’s interim President and CEO, and Jon Breed, the Executive Director for CMP’s PAC that has already spent $27 million to sway Maine voters.

The very first action taken by Mainers for Fair Laws was to drop $389,000 on a highly deceptive television ad that is riddled with errors and inaccurate information to deceive Maine voters.

"CMP may have changed its name to fit a new deceptive narrative, but the funders are the same, the decision makers are the same and its goal is the same: to construct an environmentally destructive, unwanted extension cord through Maine so foreign stakeholders can make billions," said Sandi Howard of No CMP Corridor. "Regardless of CMP's latest spin, the Corridor remains a bad deal, and I am confident that Mainers will vote YES to reject it on November 2."