8.22.21 Newsletter

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Before we get down to business, here’s a new ad from our partners at Mainers for Local Power. Please take a moment to share this ad on social media to help spread the word that CMP’s lease to cross public land is unconstitutional, and that a yes vote will ban CMP’s corridor.


This week, CMP launched yet another shell organization called Mainers for Fair Laws.This Ballot Question Committee was founded by Clean Energy Matters, CMP’s PAC that has spent $27 million to oppose our effort. 

The Mainers for Fair Laws PAC lists its fundraisers and decision makers as Scott Mahoney, CMP’s interim President and CEO, and Jon Breed, the Executive Director for CMP’s PAC. While we won’t know exactly how much money CMP and its parent company Avangrid plan to spend through this new entity, Mainers for Fair Laws has spent a hefty sum of $389,000 on a television ad that is highly deceptive, riddled with lies and lacks proper campaign disclosure. 

Interestingly, the ad never mentions the CMP Corridor, likely because after flushing $27 million down the drain that could have and should have been spent on improving its customer service and reliability, Mainers still hate the project. As highlighted in the BDN this week, the switch from Clean Energy Matters to Mainers for Fair Laws signals a major shift in CMP’s tactics, and it shows us a glimpse at the underhanded maneuvers we’re up against this fall.

First Featured Story of the Week

CMP launches new ballot question committee

Central Maine Power has a new political group aiming to fight the November ballot question that could block the energy company’s transmission line in western Maine. The group, named Mainers for Fair Laws, filed paperwork with Maine’s ethics regulator this week and has already begun running television ads ahead of the anti-corridor referendum on the November ballot. The fight against CMP was extended this week when critics launched their effort to put at least one version of a utility takeover measure on the 2022 ballot.

The name provides some insight into how CMP might try to fight the corridor project over the next few months, extending the argument that retroactively banning a construction project already in process is unfair and bad for the state’s business climate. 

CMP may have changed its name to fit a new deceptive narrative, but the funders are the same, the decision makers are the same and its goal is the same: to construct an environmentally destructive, unwanted extension cord through Maine so foreign stakeholders can make billions.

Also this week, CMP and the Bureau of Parks and Lands appealed the court decision that vacated the lease that was granted in violation of the Maine Constitution to allow CMP to bisect public land with this destructive corridor without Legislative or public input, and a number of activists voiced their concern about the wildfire risk posed by the CMP Corridor. These letters are especially timely given the fact that the most remote and unsupported section of the corridor route remains in severe drought.

Featured letter #1

NECEC Corridor has potential for sparks, fire in Maine woods

Featured letter #2

Support local fire department and oppose NECEC

Featured letter #3

CMP power corridor could pose fire danger

Featured letter #4

By Susan Hathaway of The Forks

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Tom Saviello on WSKW

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