8/27/2020 Press Release


CONTACT: Sandi Howard, [email protected]

ICYMI - No CMP Corridor Webinar Featured Tax Assessor and Registered Maine Guide

No CMP Corridor hosted an online forum yesterday with guest speakers Kimberly Lyman and Garnett Robinson. 

Kimberly, a Registered Maine Guide from western Maine, served as a citizen intervenor at the Land Use Planning Commission proceedings during the review of CMP’s permit and she has been a lead activist to oppose the CMP corridor, speaking at county commissioner meetings, PUC, DEP, and Massachusetts DPU proceedings, and testifying at legislative public hearings. She is the co-founder of Say NO to NECEC.

Garnett Robinson is a tax assessor from Dixmont who owns Maine Assessment Appraisal Services, a company that revalues towns. He also served as an expert witness at the DEP and LUPC permit review proceedings and testified at the PUC and other public hearings about CMP’s tax practices and reputation. Garnett is a 4th generation Registered Maine Guide, an avid outdoorsman and he has served on the town planning board for Dixmont.

Both Kimberly and Garnett provided unique insight into this destructive project, and how it would negatively impact the communities immediately abutting the proposed corridor route, and beyond.

The bottom line: CMP hasn’t been honest with Maine’s regulators or voters about the tax or environmental “benefits” of their NECEC corridor project.