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Hello friends,

In case you missed it, No CMP Corridor hosted an online forum this week with guest speakers Kimberly Lyman and Garnett Robinson. 

Kimberly, a Registered Maine Guide from western Maine, served as a citizen intervenor at the Land Use Planning Commission proceedings during the review of CMP’s permit. She has been a lead activist to oppose the CMP corridor, speaking at county commissioner meetings, PUC, DEP, and Massachusetts DPU proceedings, and testifying at legislative public hearings. She is the co-founder of Say NO to NECEC.

Garnett Robinson is a tax assessor from Dixmont who owns Maine Assessment Appraisal Services, a company that revalues towns. He also served as an expert witness at the DEP and LUPC permit review proceedings and testified at the PUC and other public hearings about CMP’s tax practices and reputation. Garnett is a 4th generation Registered Maine Guide, an avid outdoorsman and he has served on the town planning board for Dixmont.


If you haven’t viewed this webinar yet, I highly recommend it! Both Kimberly and Garnett provided unique insight into this destructive project, and how it would negatively impact the communities immediately abutting the proposed corridor route, and beyond.

As Garnett affirmed, CMP has a bad track record when it comes to projecting project valuations to towns during the permitting process, and they have regularly overstated the value right up until their projects close. In his hometown of Dixmont on a separate project, CMP gave a $24 million valuation upfront, but at the end of the day, they only claimed a fraction of that - $3.8 million.

And, as someone who revalues towns, he warned of the devaluation that towns with large biomass plants and hydro dams would experience, as well as the negative pressure on property valuations along the proposed corridor route.

He hit the nail on the head when he said, “CMP does no favors when it comes to helping towns with taxes; that’s not their goal. Their goal is to make profit, and send it to Spain.”

In their quest to make billions off of the corridor, Kimberly feels CMP has been dishonest with Maine regulators and voters every step of the way. She’s taken great offense at their efforts to downplay western Maine, both visually and environmentally. She knows that Massachusetts chose CMP’s NECEC corridor, not because it was the best option, but because it was the cheapest. She urges folks to listen to the people, not a corporation that stands to make billions for their shareholders in Spain.

Featured Interview 

This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Richard Rudolph, the Producer and Host of "Community Voices for Change."  We were able to discuss some of the other steps we can to take in our efforts to stop the CMP corridor. When listening, jump to :45 of the recording to hear the start of the interview. 

Thank you for the opportunity, Richard.  

Featured LTE

Nancy Prince of Wilton has heard enough from CMP and she didn’t hold back in her letter to the editor this week where she said, “At the [Wilton] meeting, CMP’s fancy lawyer requested to speak, and my fellow citizens joined together to block her. We have heard more than enough from this foreign corporation.”

Way to go, Nancy! 

Featured Op-ed

We would also like to feature a response op-ed from NRCM this week that called out our state agencies for getting it wrong on the NECEC project. In it, they said, “The writers contend that Maine regulators must have gotten it wrong for CMP corridor opponents to be right. We agree. Maine’s regulatory agencies did get it wrong, but there’s still time to overturn their misguided permit decisions.”

There is still time! There’s pending litigation to void CMP’s illegal lease to cross public lands, there are multiple appeals of the DEP permit and there’s still viable legislation. But for us to succeed, we will need a strong bench of lawmakers who support our cause. That’s where you guys come in! This week, please send an email, similar to the draft provided below, to your lawmakers so we can thank those who are with us ahead of Election Day. Find your state senator and state representative by town here.


Dear (Rep. or Sen.) (NAME),

The court’s recent decision to silence the voice of Maine voters by putting a stop to the No CMP Corridor referendum was a travesty that highlighted just how important it is to elect lawmakers who value the voice of their constituents over the interests of foreign corporations or their lobbyists. I’m writing today to learn more about your position on this unpopular project, and to urge you to make your position publicly known by filling out this form today

If you have any questions about why I strongly oppose this project, please don’t hesitate to reach me at (PHONE NUMBER).



Local Support

We're thankful for all of the local support we continue to receive! To view all our local support, click here

Featured Activists

This week, No CMP Corridor would like to recognize grassroots corridor opponents Duane Hanson and Sally Kwan who live in T5 R7 along the banks of Whipple Pond, which abuts the proposed NECEC corridor route. Duane and Sally have driven around the state to speak with county and state leaders, testify at public hearings at approval agencies and the legislature. Like many, Duane and Sally speak passionately about the way of life we wish to preserve in Maine, and earlier this year, they were featured in Part 2 of the “Deadly Shade of Green” series

Thanks to Duane and Sally for their advocacy and support!

We will be ordering a new batch of yard signs soon! We appreciate everyone who has signed up to receive one. Yard signs are not cheap, though! If you would like to help contribute to the yard sign order, please feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.