8/7/20 Press Release - No CMP Corridor's Response to Lawmaker's Aug.


CONTACT: Sandi Howard, [email protected]

No CMP Corridor's Response to Lawmaker's Aug. 7 Letter to Hydro-Quebec and Quebec Premier François Legault

"We at No CMP Corridor applaud Representative Ackley's ongoing effort to stop Hydro-Quebec, a Crown Corporation owned by the Canadian Government, from meddling in Maine's referendum election." said Sandi Howard. "The growing bipartisan list of current and former legislators highlights the fact that we all should be concerned with foreign interference in our elections, regardless of party or background. Hydro-Quebec stands to make $12.4 billion off of this for-profit venture with the state of Massachusetts, and billions of that will directly benefit the residents of Quebec. In contrast, the people of Maine will receive pennies. Contrary to Hydro-Quebec's response, the $6 million they've spent here already is meant to sway an election, and it has set a dangerous precedent."