8.8.21 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

I’m not going to sugar coat it, this has been a frustrating week for the cause. But before I get into those details, I’d like to share an important announcement: WE’RE NUMBER 1 on the ballot for this November!


Okay, now for the less exciting news. While confirming that the clear cut in Segment 1 is in fact 98 feet wide in places with absolutely no tapering zone, the DEP announced that they will allow CMP to continue to destroy the delicate ecosystem in the Upper Kennebec region because, afterall, trees grow back. 

Their finding is especially interesting because, if you remember, when we initially highlighted that the inadequate taper condition was resulting in a 98’ wide clear cut, CMP outright denied this finding on multiple occasions and doubled down on ads claiming that the Segment 1 clear cut is ‘only’ 54’ wide.

On May 25, Jon Breed, the Executive Director of Clean Energy Matters (CMP’s PAC), told WABI that, “Segment 1 of the corridor will be just 54′ wide, with tapered vegetation on both sides to limit visual impact and to preserve forest canopy and wildlife habitat. This Is in accordance with Department of Environmental Protection guidelines. The video in question contains numerous inaccuracies and loose, creative editing. He went on to accuse us of “lying” and “spreading misinformation” to the people of Maine.

Similarly, in this Maine Public story from June 17, Thorn Dickson, CEO and President of this boondoggle accused our activists of deceiving the public. Specifically he said, “Most recently, these same people purported "evidence" of similar violations by using a handmade measuring tape to measure distance diagonally across the corridor.

But now it’s settled. According to the Department of Environmental Protection, “DEP staff measured distances up to 98 feet between cut trees.” They even admitted that the clear cuts will extend further on both sides, totaling 150’ across in places.

But what are they going to do about it? Absolutely nothing. Please don’t be discouraged by this because, thanks to 80,000 Mainers, there is something that we can do about it. We can VOTE YES ON #1 this November to finally put an end to this madness. That’s where you come in. It’s time to spread the word that this November, we need to vote YES on Question 1 to protect the Upper Kennebec region, which includes our public lands, from being exploited by CMP. The only reason this project exists is because Massachusetts’ ratepayers don’t want to live with the infrastructure necessary to meet their climate goals. But Maine is not an extension cord for Massachusetts. Quite frankly, CMP’s foreign stakeholders will rake it in hand-over-fist with this unnecessary, for-profit corridor, all while Maine’s iconic brand is destroyed.

It’s clear that we can’t trust CMP to tell the truth about this project, and we certainly can’t trust bureaucrats to hold them accountable. But this November, we can and we will stop the CMP Corridor.

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Activist of the Week

This week, we’d like to recognize Vote Yes to Reject the CMP Corridor rock star, Steve McCarthy of Rome. You may recognize Steve from his hard-hitting TV ad, or from his years of activism, because he has been with us, fighting the good fight since the very beginning. Now Steve has really upped the ante for all of us by holding sign events at his local transfer station to help distribute signs all across his town. This is the exact kind of creative grassroots ingenuity that will propel us to victory this November. Please join us in thanking Steve for continuing to be an inspiration, and for thinking outside the box. If you still need a yard sign, click HERE and one of our awesome sign captains will get one to you!

This week, we’d like to encourage our volunteers to consider hosting a sign distribution event locally to help us spread the good word to Maine voters beyond our usual network. If you want to be like Steve (and man, don’t we all!), you can host your event at your local transfer station. If you collected signatures, consider holding a distribution event at your favorite signature gathering location! If you’re inspired and you’d like to help our cause in this very important way, please contact Cara and she will make sure that you’re set up and ready to go ahead of your event and so we can get the word out!

Okay folks, that’s all that we have for you this week. Please, channel any frustration you may be feeling into action, because ultimately, Maine voters will have the final say this November, so the time to take action is now. Vote Yes on #1 to reject, ban, and stop the CMP Corridor!

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Sandi Howard

Director, No CMP Corridor