9.20 Newsletter

Hello friends,

I am so pleased to share with you all that, after a whole lot of hard work and consideration, we filed ballot initiative language with the Secretary of State on Wednesday to bring a new referendum forward for the voters of Maine to consider. So please, dust off your clipboards and get ready for yet another massive grassroots effort this fall.

Click here to listen to Tom Saviello’s interview about the new referendum on WVOM.


This referendum, “An Act To Ensure Legislative Approval of Certain Transmission Lines and Other Linear Projects on Public Lands” will prompt the Legislature to act in two very important ways. First, it will require a ⅔ vote of the Legislature for the construction of any high impact electrical transmission line, built after September 16, 2020, that is more than 50 miles in length. Second, it will reinforce the Maine Constitution in requiring a ⅔ vote of the Legislature for leases involving these high impact transmission lines to cross our public lands, retroactive to September 16, 2014. And finally, this referendum would protect the Upper Kennebec region, which is the most wild and naturally significant segment along their proposed corridor route, by prohibiting the construction of any new high impact electrical transmission lines after September 16, 2020.

With this referendum, the Legislature, which is far more responsive to the people of Maine than the Executive Branch, will have to approve the construction of this deeply unpopular project. The BDN reported that this new referendum will “put pressure on lawmakers over the next year” as we pursue this important legislation, and a host of other bills, aimed at stopping CMP and Hydro-Quebec from steamrolling Maine voters.


Featured Op-ed of the Week

That’s why I would like to highlight Matt Wagner’s piece in the Ellsworth American last week as a reminder to us all that as we discuss this endeavor, with legislators, candidates and potential voters, to please keep in mind that “CMP’s corridor project is one of the most unifying issues of our time. Opposition is highly bipartisan, with lawmakers and everyday citizens from all across the political spectrum represented.”

As we proceed, we need to make every effort to be inclusive of everyone and anyone who wants to join our cause, and stand up against CMP’s foreign influence. If you speak with a candidate or legislator who has not yet taken a position on this project, that’s a great opportunity to bring even more Mainers into our “big tent” of support.

This week, I’d like you all to consider how you’d like to be involved with this new referendum. If you’re interested in helping out, by gathering signatures, notarizing petitions, or simply helping out with office work, please fill out this form. We will touch bases with you once we’re ready to get back to work.

Upcoming Events

Sierra Club Press Conference

This Monday (09/21) at 11 AM EST, Sierra Club will be holding a virtual press conference regarding Canadian hydropower. This event will coincide with the annual Northeast Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Conference. Each year, these regional leaders meet to discuss important economic, environmental, and social issues. While their conference will discuss the issue of hydropower imports, they refused Sierra Club's request to hear from hydro-impacted community members. Sierra Club's press conference will feature NAMRA, Sierra Club, and hydro-impacted community members. 

Click here for the link to the Facebook event with the Zoom registration info. 

No CMP Corridor September Forum

Join us this Wednesday (9/23) at 12 PM EST for a discussion about the scenic impact and forest fragmentation that will occur if the CMP's proposed energy corridor is completed. We will be joined by Roger Merchant, a retired forester and professional photographer, who will discuss these topics and share his experiences photographing the corridor's proposed route. Additionally, former Maine State Senator and Representative and lead petitioner Tom Saviello will join us to discuss our most recent effort to get the CMP Corridor approval question back on the ballot next year.

Please RSVP at: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-FTOfUq8Tg-ZVkAETZW2QQ


Activist of the Week


This week, we’d like to recognize Linda Lee of Bowdoinham for her tireless work and dedication to stop CMP’s corridor project. As a landowner in western Maine along Grace Pond and avid recreator, Linda was a dedicated volunteer during our last signature gathering effort, spending countless hours out in the cold, collecting signatures and traveling all across the state to help us validate petitions. She has also submitted oral and written testimonies at Maine’s approval agencies. We are so pleased to say, she’s already on board to do it all again. So thank you, Linda for your constant support and tenacity.

We will be ordering a new batch of yard signs soon! We appreciate everyone who has signed up to receive one. Yard signs are not cheap, though! If you would like to help contribute to the yard sign order, please feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Thank you all for your continued support!

As we’ve said all along, CMP may have an army of lawyers and foreign stakeholders, but we have something far more powerful - all of you. With this new referendum, we will demonstrate just how serious we are about stopping this unpopular project. Every time they knock us down, we will only come back stronger, and more determined. Most importantly, we will never let up until we defeat CMP's corridor once and for all.

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.