9/23/21 Press Release

Mainers for Fair Laws Continues to Lie about Question 1

Today, Mainers for Fair Laws continued its disinformation campaign with a new ad featuring Larry Grondin, the owner of R.J. Grondin and Sons. As exposed last week by Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz, the claims made by CMP through Mainers for Fair Laws in this ad and others are patently false. To be exact, Nemitz said CMP's latest narrative is "an insult to Maine voters." He also said, "On a scale of pristine political persuasion to murky messaging, this stuff is pure hogwash."

Here is a letter Drummond Woodsum attorney Adam Cote sent to Maine television stations on September 2 highlighting the inaccuracies included in CMP's campaign against Question 1. As you will see, Question 1 does not enable politicians to enact laws retroactively. Their ability to do so is codified in statute and has been for decades. Furthermore, unless a project substantially alters public lands, is a high impact transmission line greater than 50 miles in length or is a high impact transmission line located in the Upper Kennebec region, Question 1 would not apply.

Put simply, Question 1 is about the CMP Corridor, and future projects like it. That is all.

In response, Sandi Howard, a volunteer with No CMP Corridor said, "First CMP spent millions to disassociate the company's terrible reputation from the project. That didn't work. Now, CMP no longer mentions the unpopular project at all in ads because they know that Mainers are ready to vote YES ON 1 to reject the CMP Corridor on November 2nd. So my message to Maine voters is quite simple; When viewing these deceptive ads, consider the source and vote accordingly."