9.27 Newsletter

Hello friends,

This week, No CMP Corridor held an informational forum with guest panelists Roger Merchant and Tom Saviello and this was one of our best sessions yet!

Click here to view the Zoom meeting

Roger Merchant, a professional photographer and retired forester, demonstrated the lasting visual impacts of CMP's proposed transmission corridor, as well as the permanent forest fragmentation that would occur in Segment 1 (the first 53.5 miles) of the proposed corridor route. His compelling slide show clearly demonstrated that CMP is lying in their advertising when it portrays this beautiful, remote section as a wasteland. 

As we know, this iconic area provides a unique, globally significant habitat that would be forever destroyed if this for-profit corridor is built, all to benefit the bottom line of two foreign corporations while Mainers get pennies.

Click here to view Roger’s slide show, which includes many of his own professional photos of Section 1 of the proposed corridor route 

Also featured on the forum was long time No CMP Corridor friend and activist Tom Saviello. As the lead petitioner, Tom discussed the differences between the last referendum and this one to help our grassroots activists better understand what we’re going to accomplish this time around.

As Tom mentioned, we learned a lot from our last referendum, which targeted the Public Utilities Commission (part of the executive branch of government), and we put those lessons, with the help of a number of highly qualified attorneys, to good use. 

The new referendum was drafted to compel the Maine Legislature, the closest and most responsive branch of government to the people (all of us), to play an active role in the fate of this controversial project by:

  1. Requiring high impact transmission lines that are longer than 50 miles and constructed after a certain date to be approved by the Legislature

  2. Reaffirming the Maine Constitution’s requirement that the Legislature to approve CMP’s lease to cross public lands with this corridor, significantly altering the use of those lands.

  3. Making the 43,000 acres in the Upper Kennebec region off limits for infrastructure projects like this one to protect the area’s unique and significant habitat

While we know that CMP will come after us in every way possible to once again prevent the people of Maine - their own customers - from self-determination, I’m confident that the result will be different this time.

As we move forward, let’s keep in mind how CMP treated our grassroots activists last time around, and expect the same level of intrusion and hostility. There’s no doubt that we’re under their very expensive microscope, so it will be so important to follow all of the rules to the T, and always behave like CMP is watching, because they just might be.

Featured Article

"Is New England's Biggest Renewable Energy Project Really a Win For the Climate," earlier this week, we released the first part of a two part series looking at the role of the Canadian hydropower in helping the U.S. Northeast meet its climate goal. This is the first of a two-part series outlining the climate debate surrounding Canadian hydropower coming in to the U.S. Northeast.

Click here to read the first part

Local Support

Thank you to our candidates who endorsed our cause! To see the full list of candidates who are with us in opposing CMP's Corridor, click here.

We’re expecting petitions to be ready right around Halloween, so let’s get ready to Trick or Treat for signatures! The first 100 volunteers to sign up to collect signatures will receive a No CMP Corridor mask free of charge! Please sign up today, and start brainstorming on ways each of you can collect at least 25 signatures to help us qualify for the ballot.

Activist of the Week


This week, we would like to recognize Josephine Stevens, a dedicated grassroots activist from Monmouth. During the last referendum, Josephine was a big help, and as you can see, she’s geared up and ready to go for the next one. In addition to collecting signatures, Josephine has been a vocal advocate for our cause, always willing to help us get the good word out. 

So thank you, Josephine, for all you’ve done and will do. We appreciate your energy and enthusiasm!

We ordered a new batch of yard signs! We appreciate everyone who has signed up to receive one. Yard signs are not cheap, though, so if you would like to help contribute to the yard sign order, please feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Thank you all for your continued support!

That’s all for this week. Please, sign up to volunteer, and consider making a donation today to help us get our next referendum effort off the ground.

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.