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Hello Friends,

This week, I’m so pleased to share with you No CMP Corridor’s newest ad that we’re featuring on social media. Please share this ad, and consider making a donation today to help us get this ad in front of every Maine voter before the November 2 election.

Corridor to Nowhere


The Boston Globe recently ran a piece called The Dirty Dam Truth by Ryan Gellert, the CEO of Patagonia. In this piece, Ryan exposes Hydro-Quebec’s ongoing mistreatment of Indigenous communities in Quebec, as well as the fact that their clean energy claims are unfounded. According to Ryan (and the science), dams like HQ’s, “contribute to climate change, send species to extinction, and displace communities.”

Further, I’d argue that it’s hardly wise to increase reliance on power generated and controlled by a foreign government, especially considering that Maine is a net exporter of power, and Massachusetts had many options for locally-generated renewable energy. Transmitting power over a long distance is inefficient, and it wastes a lot of energy in transit. If Massachuestts is serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it should have selected a local option to fulfill this need. But the truth of the matter is that Massachusetts politicians don’t want to live with the infrastructure that would be necessary to make this happen. Instead, they’ve turned a blind eye to the grave social injustices inflicted on First Nations tribes by Hydro-Quebec and asked Mainers to bear the burden of an environmentally destructive transmission corridor with very little in return.

Featured Column of the Week

The Dirty Dam Truth

Activist Team of the Week

Please join us in thanking Patagonia in Freeport, and it's wonderful staff, for their steadfast support of our cause. During both signature gathering efforts, Patagonia allowed our volunteers to collect signatures inside of the store throughout busy holiday seasons. This was one of the very few, and highly coveted, indoor signature collection locations. Now, the store has continued its support of our referendum by prominently displaying our materials and swag for its customers. We are truly grateful for Patagonia’s steadfast voice, and for its work to protect Maine’s environment from this “clean” energy scam.

Next, I’m going to share two wonderful letters that were posted this week by former lawmakers - one Republican and one Democrat. As with our grassroots unification, these individuals are both proud members of their respective parties, they both see this project as a bad deal, and will vote YES this November to reject the CMP Corridor. Their support is yet another example of how unifying this issue is across the state. Please join me in thanking them for endorsing our effort, and lending their voices to the fight against CMP’s destructive project.

First Featured Letter of the Week

CMP can’t be trusted on corridor project

Hon. Ron Collins of Wells

Since retiring from the Maine Senate, I’ve largely remained quiet about political issues at hand today. But when it comes to the CMP corridor, I’m compelled to speak up because I know that we can’t trust CMP with this project.

During my eight years serving the great people of District 34, there was one company that was consistently opposed to all clean energy reforms in Augusta – CMP. Now, that very same company has spent nearly $30 million to convince Mainers that we must sacrifice our treasured western Maine forest in the name of advancing renewable energy … for Massachusetts.

This month, my power bill, along with all other CMP customers, went up by 10 percent. The very same month, I had a paid canvasser knock on my door to urge me to oppose the referendum this November.

Question 1 is the direct result of CMP forcing this project through with backroom deals and a literal army of lawyers and lobbyists. While repeatedly raising our rates, CMP and it’s parent companies have spent record sums promoting this project, not because they care about our clean energy future, but because it’s worth $3 billion in profits to them. But for the average Mainer, it’s worth a measly 11.5-42 cents per month, depending on how you break it down.

It’s time for CMP to get their act together and focus their attention where it belongs – on improving the quality of service here in Maine. We deserve better. Vote “yes” on Question 1 to stop the CMP Corridor.

Second Featured Letter of the Week

Not Being Paid

Maeghan Maloney, District Attorney for Somerset and Kennebec counties

I am not supportive of the CMP Corridor, and I am not being paid to say that.

Like hundreds of other grass-roots volunteers, we find it offensive that CMP is suggesting that we are all being paid to fight them.

For the first referendum, I collected signatures. For the second referendum, I notarized signatures.

I have spoken at public meetings and spoken for television commercials and marched in parades. I am not receiving any money for any of this work. I am a volunteer, like hundreds of other Maine citizens.

The CMP corridor will clear-cut 53 miles through Maine public land, forever changing the natural beauty of our state and affecting Mainers’ livelihoods and ways of life. Before that happens, the Maine people should have the right to vote on the fate of their public land.

The fact that CMP is working so hard to prevent the Maine people from having a voice is what brought me and hundreds of others into this fight.

Our grassroots volunteers receive no money. We simply love our state.

Join us and Vote YES on Question 1 to reject the CMP Corridor!

As we look ahead to the fall, we are looking for volunteers to help place lawn signs in public spaces across the state to help us spread the word to Vote Yes on #1. This is a fun and flexible volunteer opportunity that can be done with a friend, partner, or kids! If you’re interested in helping us with this fun task, please complete the signup form. Our volunteer coordinator or your local volunteer county sign captain will be in touch shortly to coordinate.  

Any questions? Please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Cara Sacks at [email protected].  FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1bHCh9T-begFE_iDUz4iOl60AHmmFmwfLFoY2Ip-OA6w/edit

This week we are going to feature our new BUMPAH stickers if you donate.

To donate securely online, click below. To donate by check, mail a check payable to No CMP Corridor to PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

That’s all for this week, friends. I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend with friends and loved ones. Only 58 days until Election Day!




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