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Last week the Maine Sunday Telegram published my response to columnist Jim Fossel’s misguided column, and the title says it all: “Opponents Haven’t Given Up on Stopping CMP Corridor.”

Indeed, we have not given up. If anything, the court’s decision to silence the voices of 66,000 plus Mainers has only fueled us more. That’s why Fossel’s assumption that elected leaders are less likely to be asked about CMP’s wildly unpopular corridor project on a day-to-day basis is just plain wrong, and it ignores the fact that Mainers are completely outraged that decisions made about this destructive project have often sided with foreign corporations over the citizens of Maine.

The referendum was always viewed as one of many possible avenues to stop the CMP corridor. We will continue to pursue every other avenue, and absent a referendum, it’s more critical than ever that we support candidates who promise to give more weight to the voice of the people of Maine than CMP’s shareholders in Spain. 


Featured LTE

As Dixie Hathaway of Bar Harbor said in her recent letter to the editor, “The Maine Supreme Court ruling deprived us of our votes, but cannot silence our voices.” We’re so fortunate to have advocates like Dixie who are passionate enough about this issue, from the opposite side of our beautiful state from CMP’s terrible corridor project, to speak up about what’s at stake and what we have already lost at the hand of this foreign corporation.

So this week, we ask that you all continue to contact your elected officials to speak with them about why you think this project is a bad deal for Maine, and encourage them to stand tall with our grassroots effort by filling out this survey if they haven’t already. A running list of lawmakers and candidates who have submitted comments can be found here. If your lawmakers are listed, please be sure to thank them by authoring a short letter to your local editors.

To find out who your public officials are, click here. Feel free to use the draft email provided below, and if necessary, follow up with a phone call. 


Dear (Rep. or Sen.) (NAME),

The court’s recent decision to silence the voice of Maine voters by putting a stop to the No CMP Corridor referendum was a travesty that highlighted just how important it is to elect lawmakers who value the voice of their constituents over the interests of foreign corporations or their lobbyists. I’m writing today to learn more about your position on this unpopular project, and to urge you to make your position publicly known by filling out this form today

If you have any questions about why I strongly oppose this project, please don’t hesitate to reach me at (PHONE NUMBER).



Local Support


This week, we would like to thanSomerset County Commissioners Robert Sezak and Cyprien Johnson for their support.

Featured Activist

We would also like to recognize the extensive efforts of Sheryl Harth, a 7th generation member of the Hughey family in the Moose River Valley to stop the CMP corridor. Sheryl's tireless advocacy to protect western Maine's natural and recreational resources are unrelenting. She has driven all over the state to provide testimonies to state and Federal approval agencies, written numerous letters to newspapers and Maine and Massachusetts' state leaders. During the signature gathering effort, Sheryl was the driving force in her remote region, coordinating an impressive effort to gather seemingly every signature there was to get from her community and beyond. Her contributions of time and money have served as a constant foundation for our grassroots effort.

Sheryl's testimonies demonstrate a true passion to protect Maine's environment from the 2018 PUC public hearing to the 2019 Army Corps public hearing (start at 1:52 minutes left in the video.)

So thank you, Sheryl, for leading by example and for investing so much of yourself in our grassroots effort. You’re truly an inspiration for many of our activists.

We will be ordering a new batch of yard signs soon! We appreciate everyone who has signed up to receive one. Yard signs are not cheap, though! If you would like to help contribute to the yard sign order, please feel free to donate securely below or mail a check to No CMP Corridor PAC at PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

Sandi Howard

PO Box 471 Farmington, ME 04938.

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