A bad deal for Maine

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Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line is great for them, but bad for Maine. This line will be used to sell hydropower from Hydro-Quebec to the New England energy grid, mainly benefiting Massachusetts, along with CMP, which will make millions of dollars. Maine, on the other hand, will receive little benefit.

Furthermore, the side effects of this would be very harmful to Maine’s wildlife. The line will be 145-miles long, requiring a 150-foot wide and 53-mile long cut through forests deep in Maine’s woods. This will permanently damage a large amount of wildlife, such as brook trout and deer. From land to water, wildlife habitats will be destroyed or damaged, and there will be no actual decrease in carbon pollution.

The promotions for the CMP Corridor make it sound appealing, but in truth, it will hurt Maine.

The transmission line will result in irreversible damage done to Maine, including forests, mountains, rivers, and wildlife, with no real benefit to outweigh these impacts. While Massachusetts benefits from this, Maine will be left scarred. Additionally, Maine’s tourism economy and clean energy job creation could be damaged. The beautiful, untouched forests of northern Maine bring in lots of tourism, but with the man-made scars left from this line, this economy will likely be hurt.

Why should the beautiful forests of Maine, loved by so many people and home to endless wildlife, be harmed for CMP’s profit and the benefit of another state?

Aidan Valley


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