From contacting elected officials and those charged with permitting this project to circulating petitions for local town votes, Mainers have shown time and time again that we don't want this destructive project. 

Along the proposed route, town after town has voted to either oppose or rescind support for the corridor, and a number of towns are considering more aggressive moratoriums. Nine out of 10 residents of Franklin County and Eight out of 10 residents of Somerset County oppose the corridor. Statewide, polls indicate that 65% of Mainers don't want to see this corridor project move forward, and for good reason. 

Throughout the permitting process, CMP hasn't been honest about the economic impact of the corridor and we now know that ratepayers will not benefit from reduced power bills; it will not reduce carbon emissions and it will have a profound and lasting negative impact on Maine's environment.

That's why concerned Mainers from all around the state have banded together to bring this issue to the ballot through the citizens' referendum process. We won't stand idly by while bureaucrats in Augusta push through this unpopular project. We don't want it because it's a bad deal for Maine.

Our work is not done, though. We need to spread our message far and wide.

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