Aishton LTE: CMP corridor: The Not So Divine Comedy

If Maine’s environmental integrity wasn’t at stake I would be laughing in my Moxie. I mean, the whole NECEC (New England Clean Energy Connect) debacle is just a perverted comedy of errors.

Back room deals about Maine Public Lands – check. No need to involve the legislators because clear cutting Public Lands doesn’t qualify as a significant change in use?

Four of our legislators recently visited a site in Segment 1 (the new 53.5 mile swath) and verified a 102 foot wide right of way, a clear violation of the contractual agreement with CMP. Maine Department of Environmental Protection said that they would “disregard” the report for the time being. Huh?

A “local foreman” who recently arrived from Wisconsin and was hired by CMP/NECEC. This “local” foreman was unaware of Maine’s sedimentation rules; knew nothing of Brook Trout or Salmon habitat concerns, and knew nothing about the CMP Permit conditions under which he was working.

This comedy just continues week in and week out. More exciting episodes follow: “The Thorn in Your side”; the lobbying “NGO” Clean Energy Matters changes its name to Clean Money Matters More; MDEP Commissioner Loyzim is Still Searching for Her Spine; and CMP Finally Learns How to Use a Tape Measure are just some of the tantalizing new episodes. So, grab a bucket of popcorn and a case of Moxie and stay tuned. I am still working on the grand finale: “Facts and Honesty Defeat Money and Power.” Now, wouldn’t THAT be the last laugh?

Richard Aishton

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