Ashton LTE: CMP’s corridor is NOT a good deal for Maine

The Original Irregular

The fake news floating around about the New England Clean Energy Connect project is primarily penned by CMP and their massive PR machine.

Facts? The 1,600 jobs created will be divided among a consortium of five companies (four out-of-state). These jobs are IN MAINE but not necessarily for Mainers.

The supply of hydropower to Maine from Hydro Quebec is close to non-existent and, according to scientific research by Dr. Brad Hager and others conclude that the HQ dam complex is about as clean as a coal-fired plant. (NOT clean).

Good for Maine? CMP will clear cut over 2,000 acres of land for this corridor and then claim it’s beneficial to climate change.

Doesn’t something smell? It is difficult to believe how anyone could support this project given the billions of dollars in profits that will go to CMP’s Spanish owner, Iberdrola. A good project speaks for itself.

This project is rife with half-truths, misdirection and alternative facts offered up by CMP “fact checkers”; slickly misnamed NGOs; and foreign-company rhetoric.

All of this could be solved by completing an Environmental Impact Statement — Vermont and New Hampshire did one, why not Maine? This is NOT a good deal for Maine, it’s a good deal for those who will profit from carving up Maine’s natural resource base and who flaunt Maine’s Public Lands laws.

I will challenge anyone from the pro-NECEC side to trade facts with me and others. Let’s see who passes the fact check test.

Richard W. Aishton


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  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-04-28 07:12:26 -0400
  • Sandra Howard
    published this page in News 2021-04-28 07:12:26 -0400